• Supercharge your security career with CISSP certification.

    CISSP: The crown jewel of security certifications

    Security professionals around the world recognize the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) credential as the field’s premier certification program …

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  • Is the cloud as secure as we think it is?

    Why cloud data storage is secure — and why it might not be

    Nude photos of well-known actresses certainly garner attention on their own, but this summer they drew attention to an unlikely subject: cloud security. Private photographs of Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton …

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  • You can write your own ticket with the right network security certification.

    From CCIE to CWSP: The best network security certifications

    Network security professionals with proven skills can almost write their own job description. A shortage of networking professionals combined with increased demand for enterprise security expertise …

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  • Use security passwords to protect your online transactions.

    Best Computing Practices 101: Improve your password security

    Is your most terrifying dark secret that you’ve used the same password on every website you’ve visited for the past 10 years? Are you worried about the security of your financial, e-mail and social media accounts?

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  • Encryption is an important foundational IT security technology.

    Exploring encryption: Know the basics of an important IT security standard

    Encryption is one of the most powerful tools available to security professionals seeking to protect sensitive information from unauthorized disclosure. It is the driving force behind the security of networks, web applications, messaging, mobile devices and many other critical technologies. Successful IT professionals are familiar with the technology and ways to apply it appropriately to …

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  • Secure your network with these basic measures.

    Build a line of defense with these network security tips

    This feature first appeared in the Summer 2014 issue of Certification Magazine.

    Criminals lurk in many of the Internet’s dark corners, scouting out victims and eager to pounce whenever they identify a network vulnerability. Organizations that fail to apply basic security controls to their networks face a multitude of risks from anonymous attackers, including theft of …

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  • Get your resume to the top of the heap with one of these infosec certs.

    Seven security certifications to set your sights on

    The IT job market is starting to heat up and security professionals are one of the career fields in high demand. The recent rash of high profile security breaches is causing executives and company boards to demand an increased focus on cybersecurity practices and IT shops are struggling to keep up. Earning a security credential …

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  • Take these steps to keep your data secure.

    How to avoid the five most common causes of data breaches

    Organizations around the country lost over 250 million records in data breaches during 2013 alone. This startling statistic, compiled by the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, corresponds to more than one record for every adult American. Those records include credit card numbers, health information, employment data and other sensitive information that may lead to identity theft for …

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  • Knowing — and implementing — a few simple fixes can keep your enterprise a step ahead of IT security threats.

    Security 101: Know the basics of eternal vigilance

    This feature first appeared in the Spring 2014 edition of Certification Magazine.

    “Boss, I think that someone got into my system.” Those are words that no computer user ever wants to utter, and no manager ever wants to hear. Unfortunately, they are heard in offices around the world every day. Last year, the Center for Strategic …

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