• Cyber locks blue SQUARE

    Looking at IT security from a CompTIA Network+ perspective

    A new version of the popular CompTIA Network+ certification exam is about to be released (to be numbered N10-006) and there is something …

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  • Proper cooling protects your PC from heat damage.

    A guide to cooling PCs for CompTIA A+ certification

    The processor within a PC has evolved over the years, and with the addition of more processing power comes more heat in the case — and the need for more advanced cooling methods.

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  • Knowing the basics of Windows Registry will help you pass CompTIA's A+ exam.

    A guide to Windows Registry basics for CompTIA A+ certification

    One of the most important components of the Windows operating system is the Registry, yet documentation on it for those who support Windows is sparse. You are expected to know it …

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  • Free Wifi

    A guide to wireless standards for CompTIA Network+ candidates

    We’ve looked at some of the wireless networking related topics that appear on CompTIA’s Network+ certification exams (both the current N10-005 exam and the upcoming N10-006) in other articles. To finish that topic, the focus this month is on wireless standards and what you need to know …

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  • What is the best way to measure instructor credibility?

    IT training certification: A look at instructor credibility

    One of the certifications that keeps popping up on lists of either valuable or growing IT training certifications is that of the CompTIA CTT+. This is far from the only trainer certification that exists, but I am honing in on it simply because 10% of the Essentials exam (TK0-201) that everyone must pass is focused …

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  • It's important to know how to implement and maintain security controls.

    Picture This: A visual guide to security controls

    There is a new word du jour that you can’t help but stumble across as you study for a number of security-related exams (such as CompTIA’s Security+), and that word is “control.” In this article, we will first define it from the standpoint of the testing body, then walk through two analogies on controls: one …

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  • IT security pros need to know the basics of incident response.

    Picture This: A Visual Guide to Incident Response

    The term incident has special meanings in different industries. In the banking and financial areas, it’s very specific and involves something that includes the loss of money. You wouldn’t want to call a hacker attempt an incident if you were involved in a bank network because this terminology would automatically trigger an entirely different type …

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  • Understanding injection attacks can help you secure your websites.

    Picture This: A Visual Guide to Injection Attacks

    Whenever any list of the biggest computing risks is compiled, it’s almost guaranteed that one or more injection attacks will vie for the top position. Injection attacks are commonly associated in news reports with SQL, but they can pop up in a variety of different places. There are injection-related vulnerabilities associated with headers, logs and …

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  • Keyboard stethescope THUMB

    Picture This: A Visual Guide to Failure Values

    As you study for a variety of certification exams (such as CompTIA’s Cloud+, A+, Security+, etc.), there are a number of “failure”-related values you will need to learn. Typically, these are associated with hardware components such as the hard drive. You will be tested repeatedly on the same set of failure values — or a …

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  • Man writing

    Save on the cost of getting your Security+ certification

    In May, CompTIA is scheduled to release the newest version of the SY0-401 certification exam, more commonly known as Security+. This entry-level certification is aimed at the administrator who has two years’ experience in the field and is currently held by more than 250,000 worldwide. Additionally, it is approved by the U.S. Department of Defense …

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