August 2005 Table of Contents

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Envision the Future: 21st Century Training Approaches
Robert J. Shimonski
As the certification testing landscape evolves, IT training must adapt to new needs. Through modern modes of learning like online simulations and e-learning, you can prepare to update your skills with upgraded exams.



Managing Data With Database Tools
Ed Tittel
Information is the fuel that rockets business ever upward, and having a way to organize and manage critical data helps your organization aim high. Database systems are critical to move onward and upward.

Security Tools: Sleuthing: Detect and Remove Adware
Douglas Schweitzer
Turn on your PC and see what pops up. Using the right tools and following the clues can help you track down and terminate the ad software that slows your systems and encroaches on your screen.

Tech Tools: IP PBX: Small-Biz Benefits
Emily Hollis
High prices have kept many small businesses out of the market for IP-based network products. Some IP PBX vendors are targeting the SMB space specifically, offering big benefits for small shops.



Deploying a Windows 2003 Infrastructure
Douglas Mechaber
With the right experience and plenty of preparation, you can successfully roll out a Windows Server 2003 infrastructure. We’ve got the steps and resources to get your project under way.

How to…Integrate Mac OS X With Active Directory
Timothy L. Warner
Network administrators sometimes find themselves supporting a mixed environment that includes Windows Active Directory and Mac OS X infrastructures. This month, we’ll help you ensure the two systems work in harmony.

Security: Awareness Training: Strengthen Your Weakest Link
Uday O. Ali Pabrai
In many companies, the weak link in the information security chain is uninformed and misinformed end users. Security awareness training can help ensure the chain of security holds fast against intruders.



Apple Certification: The Perfect ‘ADD’
Kevin Klein
Apple certification can be a feather in your cap if you work regularly with Mac OS X technology. Apple’s help desk, systems administrator and technical coordinator credentials will sharpen your skills and prove your knowledge.

PMI Certification: Ensuring Project Success
Denny Smith, Ph.D.
In today’s complex business environment, the workforce is often globally dispersed. Project management knowledge and certification can help distributed teams that span continents, cultures and languages work together.

No Excuses: Make Networking a Priority
Katherine Spencer Lee
You know that networking is a cornerstone of your career, but you still relegate it to the end of your to-do list. This month, we look at common networking roadblocks and provide detours to help you get around them.



Your Tests Are in Good Hands
David Foster, Ph.D.



Hiring Your Next Employer
John A. Venator

Lift-Off! How to Launch a New Business
Brian Summerfield



Editor’s Letter
Tim Sosbe
Crying Wolf?

Letters to the Editor


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Eye on Certification: Linux
Brian Summerfield
The open-source Linux operating system currently has more than 400 different distributions and has been adopted by enterprises and governments around the world. Find out how Linux certifications can help you get ahead.

Hands-On Labs: Touch, Play, Learn
Kellye Whitney
As more certification programs adopt performance-based tests to measure candidates’ true abilities, real-world tools become central to study and preparation. Hands-on labs can help you hone your skills.

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