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Feature Articles


Certification Feature
IT Training: Cardinal Virtues and Deadly Sins
Eric Vanderburg
Not all IT training organizations are created equal: Some are virtuous and can have positive effects on your career, and others can be sinful, bringing detrimental results. Learn how to identify these organizations before you get into a parable trap.


Job Roles Feature
Contact-Center Managers: The Backbone of Customer Care
Cari McLean

Eighty percent of customer interface occurs within contact centers, so it’s crucial that the professionals managing contact centers possess the know-how, gusto and skills to support this critical organizational asset.

Techniques Feature
Grace Under Pressure: Strategies to Pass the Test
Ed Tittel

You might spend months studying up for your certification exam, but unless you know how to keep your cool under pressure, all that studying could go to waste. Learn what steps to take in the days before your next exam so you’ll test with confidence.




Tech Careers
Positioning Yourself for Advancement
Katherine Spencer Lee

If you’re hoping to move up within your current organization, the timing is good. However, it takes proactive effort to stand out as a promising candidate for a more senior role.


Consultant’s Corner
Time Management for the Busy Consultant

David Garrett
Given that time and talent are a consultant’s best assets (money is not — fortunes have been made with no money to start with, but never with no time or talent), this is a problem. I suspect it’s also a problem for some of you.


Virtual Village
How Much Are You Worth?

Data Stream
News & Notes for Certified Professionals


Thoughts on Leadership

Brian Summerfield
As you embark on your climb up the corporate ladder — a greasy flagpole might be a more apt metaphor — toward that CIO, CTO, CISO or other c-level acronym, keep the following points in mind to make the journey as easy as possible.




Motorola’s Security Organization Communicates Business Success
Kellye Whitney

To work within Motorola’s IT department, prospective employees need to know more than just the latest cell phone technology. They need technical expertise, knowledge about other areas of IT and business acumen.


Inside Certification
Certification and the Citrix Project Lifecycle
Angela Guzman

As the most advanced and extensive tracks Citrix has built to date, the Citrix Certified Integration Architect (CCIA) 4 and Citrix Certified Enterprise Administrator (CCEA) 4 certifications uphold their predecessors’ reputations.


Specialty Certification
Hitting the Hot Spots: NetAnalyst Certification
Ed Tittel

The PMG NetAnalyst certification is a program designed to help IT and networking professionals understand networking from the wire level on up through the application. Learn about the NetAnalyst program’s roots in forensics and its three levels of certification.




Editor’s Letter
Help-Desk Horrors
Tim Sosbe

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