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Cheaters Never Win: Ethics and IT Certification
David Foster, Ph.D., and Jamie Mulkey, Ed.D.
If you’ve read any newspaper, listened to the radio or watched TV within the past six months, you know cheating is on the rise. Students are using cell phones to cheat on tests. Corporate executives are being sent to jail left and right for embezzling funds or for insider trading. Even journalists have been caught plagiarizing work and exaggerating story lines in hopes of sensationalizing the news.


Tech Tools: Application Servers: Powering the Enterprise
Emily Hollis
Large organizations rely on thousands of pieces of software, and often hundreds of systems, to keep business running smoothly. Integrating those applications, and the information they provide to the workforce, can be a tricky process for IT departments.

Network Tools: Know What’s on Your Network: Protocol Analyzers
Douglas Mechaber
A good network administrator should always know what’s on the wire. The best way of discovering what datagrams contain is to use a protocol analyzer.

Secutiry Tools: Just Say No to Spam!
Douglas Schweitzer
Ever wonder what unsolicited e-mail has to do with the canned meat produced by Hormel? Nothing! Rumor has it that the moniker “spam” derives from a humorous Monty Python skit in which a character who is trying to order breakfast is repeatedly offered Spam—against their will. Regardless of how it earned its name, unsolicited e-mail isn’t funny and is a potential security risk. More than a personal irritation, unwanted e-mail can cause network congestion and impede the routing of legitimate e-mail messages.

Security Patch Management Tools
Ed Tittel
Recent vulnerability exploits indicate that some kind of patch or update management solution is no longer a luxury-it’s a downright necessity!

Transforming the Help Desk
Judy Benda
The past five years have seen enormous changes in the help desk and technical support industry, due to factors such as technological evolution, the need for more stringent business practices, changing customer requirements and the growth of distributed work teams. Help desk and support center leadership must understand and master all of these factors in order to perform their jobs with excellence.

Security – Encryption: The Last Line of Defense
Uday O. Ali Pabrai
Encryption is probably the last barrier to prevent an attacker from gaining access to sensitive business information. Security practitioners must seriously review using encryption as an important component of the overall business security strategy.

Migrate Profiles on Small Business Server Networks
Harry Brelsford
OK, OK! Based on recent meetings with IT professionals and e-mail received from readers, folks are asking heaps of questions about migrating user profiles from an existing Small Business Server (SBS) 2000 network (or any domain-based network for that matter). While you can always manually transfer settings for a user to a new network, such an approach is tedious and not truly acceptable in the real world.

CertMag’s Study Guide
CertMag’s CompTIA Certification



Inside Certification: Beyond RHCE: Red Hat Enterprise Architect Training and RCHA?
Peter Childers
It has been more than five years since Red Hat launched Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) and changed the face of OS training and certification. RHCE has become the recognized standard certification for Linux server system and network administrators. With more than 12,000 RHCEs and 5,500 RHCTs worldwide, these are now the largest and fastest-growing performance-based certifications in IT.


Specialty Certification: Macromedia Certification: Solidifying Your Future
Matthew Bertolami
Whether you are a consultant looking to gain more clients and increase your earnings or a member of a corporate Web team trying to be promoted, certification is the best way to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Tech Careers: Succession Planning: Who Will Fill Your Shoes?
Katherine Spencer Lee

Your boss has awarded you a well-deserved promotion to help-desk manager. There’s a catch, however: Before you assume the role, you need to transition someone into your position. If you’re like many managers, you probably haven’t identified a successor in advance. Perhaps you thought about it, but you were waiting for the “perfect” candidate—or enough free time to groom one..

David Foster, Ph.D.

Perspectives: Compliance-The Next Big Thing in IT
John A. Venator

Final Thoughts
Martin Bean

Editor’s Letter
Tim Sosbe
Protecting Your Future


CertMag on the Web
CloseUp: The Infosec Assessment Methodology Certificate Program
Ed Tittel
I’ve been surveying and following information security certifications closely for more than three years now, but it’s a big and booming
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