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Security: Key to Your Career
Martin Bean and Robyn Thorpe
Safety is a crucial topic today, and IT professionals can reach success by becoming ideal security professionals. See what the journey involves and learn how to make the trip.

Blended Learning: Have It Your Way
Bob Mosher
From books to bytes, certified experts can order from a long menu of IT training options. Blended learning helps you whip up a satisfying solutions for professional advancement.



CertMag’s Hewlett-Packard StudyGuide



Digital Identity and Strong Authentication
Uday O. Ali Pabrai
In an age of Internet communications, identity theft has reached epidemic proportions. IT security specialists need to know what’s what when dealing with who’s on the other end of the line.

State-of-the-Art Cert Prep Tools
Ed Tittel
While finances may be tight for everyone these days, it’s actually a buyer’s market when it comes to finding certification preparation materials. This month, Ed’s got a guide to getting state-of-the-art study tools.

Help Desk Institute Certification—Certifying IT Service and Support
Carrie Higday
In a time of increased reliance on technology, IT professionals can count on increased confusion from inexperienced users. That’s why the help desk is a good career plan, and the Help Desk Institute’s certifications are a good starting point.

The Optimum E-Learning Environment
William Pilder, Ph.D.
Course completion and retention are major issues for e-learners. Setting up the right e-learning environment helps ensure you get—and retain—the most from your online education.

Breaking the Record in Certification
Tanisha Blakely
With 42 credentials on his resume, Leroy Joseph Jr. sees certification as a sport. But when it comes to backing up his experience, he’s not playing around.



Stay Out of Court: Protecting Yourself From Legal Troubles
David Garrett
We live in litigious times, and the smart consultant takes steps to protect against potential problems. David’s got some been-there, done-that advice to keep the legal eagles tethered.

Ethics in the Classroom
Ann Beheler
IT professionals need to approach their certification studies ethically. That process starts with trainers taking a practice-what-they-preach approach to keep everyone on the straight-and-narrow.

Taking Charge of Your Performance Review
Paula Moreira
Performance reviews may seem a necessary evil for employees at all levels, but they’re also opportunities to strut your stuff. Here’s how to make the process painless.

Scheduling Tools and Services
Ed Tittel
Whatever your role in Information Technology, scheduling is a balancing act that can only work in your favor. It all starts with tapping into the tools to help keep you on course.



The Higher Struggle for Employer-Funded Certifications
Martin Bean

The 10th Anniversary of CompTIA’s A+
John A. Venator

Overexposure: A Problem for Certification Tests
David Foster, Ph.D.



Editor’s Letter
Tim Sosbe
What’s in a Word?

Letters to the Editor


CertMag on the Web

Marketing Yourself by Ghostwriting
R.A. Burnham
Today’s IT contractor needs to take advantage of any opportunity for finding work that presents itself. Authoring articles for your clients can be a chance to earn income and ensure repeat business.

Staying Motivated in a Tough Economy
Katherine Spencer Lee
Certification and ongoing education are obviously important, but when times are tough, a good mental attitude helps keep your career on an even keel. This month, Katherine has some advice to keep your spirits afloat.

CloseUp: MySQL Database Certification Program
Ed Tittel
MySQL may be a fairly new player in the IT certification industry, but with its open-source database engine, the new program could be a contender.

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