ATTO Technology’s Virtual Tape Appliance Certified

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<strong>Amherst, N.Y. &mdash; Oct. 12</strong><br />ATTO Technology, Inc., a global provider of storage connectivity and infrastructure solutions for data-intensive computing environments, has announced that its FastStream VT 5300 Virtual Tape Appliance has successfully been certified with EMC Retrospect backup and recovery software. <br /><br />Customers immediately will benefit from a certified data protection solution when using ATTO FastStream Virtual Tape appliances.<br /><br />Presented in slim 1U 19″ rack form factor, the FastStream VT appliance allows disk storage to appear like conventional tape libraries to back up software applications. <br /><br />FastStream VT offers parity protected backups with simple setup, management and expandability for future growth. The FastStream VT 5300 comes equipped with two 4-GB Fibre Channel host interface ports and two Ultra320 SCSI drive interfaces.<br /><br />When paired with disk storage systems, FastStream VT 5300 appliance provide seamless integration into existing backup environments to add virtual tape emulation with high-performance, user-friendly, one-click installation and smooth data streaming. <br /><br />With FastStream&#39;s configuration options, users can drop the virtual tape appliance into an existing environment without the need to change backup software, policies or procedures. <br />Once the FastStream is installed, existing virtual tape libraries can be expanded by adding storage as backup needs grow. <br /><br />With performance of up to 1.89 TB/hour from 60 concurrent streams of data, this solution ensures backups are completed on time and restores are done in seconds.<br /><br />”By simply attaching the FastStream VT to disk storage, the appliance provides virtual tape emulation with the performance needed to meet today&#39;s shrinking backup windows,” said Tom Kolniak, ATTO Technology director of products. “Utilizing FastStream Virtual Tape<br />appliances with EMC Retrospect delivers a solid solution to meet backup requirements with increased reliability over traditional tape solutions.”

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