ATTO Technology Multipathing Driver for Mac OS X Provides High-Availability Data Storage

<strong>Las Vegas &mdash; April 14</strong><br />ATTO Technology Inc., a global provider of storage connectivity and infrastructure solutions for data-intensive computing environments, announced that SAN Solutions, best-of-breed network storage integrator, will be demonstrating the ATTO Celerity Fibre Channel Host Adapter multipathing driver with enterprise class storage at NAB this week.<br /><br />ATTO, a long-time developer of storage solutions for the Apple market, has created a specialized Fibre Channel solution that allows the creation of multiple paths to high-end modular storage systems. These<br />paths ensure continuous data protection in a solution that is robust enough to support the throughput demands of high-end video applications.<br /><br />It&#39;s also scalable across multiple workstations and Enterprise Class Storage Systems in a Fibre Channel SAN. The ATTO Celerity 4-GB Fibre Channel Host Adapter provides connectivity to many high-availability storage systems through a Fibre Channel switch. A custom driver, developed by ATTO for Celerity Fibre Channel host adapters, allows the Mac OS X Operating System high-availability connections to most of today&#39;s enterprise-class storage systems. This ensures maximum bandwidth to each controller. ATTO&#39;s years of digital media industry experience with high-bandwidth environments ensures that Celerity host adapters are tuned for optimal performance.<br /><br />"ATTO is pleased to be a part of SAN Solutions&#39; Media Transformation and Content Delivery workflow demonstrations at NAB," stated Ed Tierney, director of marketing for ATTO. "ATTO has been providing technology-leading connectivity solutions for the media and entertainment solutions markets for two decades. Our involvement with SAN Solutions&#39; industry-leading storage technology provides us with…



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