ATTO Technology Multipathing Driver for Mac OS X Provides High-Availability Data Storage

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<strong>Las Vegas &mdash; April 14</strong><br />ATTO Technology Inc., a global provider of storage connectivity and infrastructure solutions for data-intensive computing environments, announced that SAN Solutions, best-of-breed network storage integrator, will be demonstrating the ATTO Celerity Fibre Channel Host Adapter multipathing driver with enterprise class storage at NAB this week.<br /><br />ATTO, a long-time developer of storage solutions for the Apple market, has created a specialized Fibre Channel solution that allows the creation of multiple paths to high-end modular storage systems. These<br />paths ensure continuous data protection in a solution that is robust enough to support the throughput demands of high-end video applications.<br /><br />It&#39;s also scalable across multiple workstations and Enterprise Class Storage Systems in a Fibre Channel SAN. The ATTO Celerity 4-GB Fibre Channel Host Adapter provides connectivity to many high-availability storage systems through a Fibre Channel switch. A custom driver, developed by ATTO for Celerity Fibre Channel host adapters, allows the Mac OS X Operating System high-availability connections to most of today&#39;s enterprise-class storage systems. This ensures maximum bandwidth to each controller. ATTO&#39;s years of digital media industry experience with high-bandwidth environments ensures that Celerity host adapters are tuned for optimal performance.<br /><br />"ATTO is pleased to be a part of SAN Solutions&#39; Media Transformation and Content Delivery workflow demonstrations at NAB," stated Ed Tierney, director of marketing for ATTO. "ATTO has been providing technology-leading connectivity solutions for the media and entertainment solutions markets for two decades. Our involvement with SAN Solutions&#39; industry-leading storage technology provides us with an opportunity to demonstrate how our storage infrastructure solutions simplify and improve digital media workflow."<br /><br />"SAN Solutions&#39; systems have been adopted by leading visual effects and post-production facilities worldwide. These facilities work on mission-critical projects under very tight deadlines," said David Shapiro, vice president of marketing for SAN Solutions "They require gear that is reliable and capable of editing and producing content in concert with HD and 2K applications. ATTO is recognized as a technology leader for developing storage connectivity solutions that meet the extraordinary requirements of editing and post-production environments."<br />

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