AT&T Seeks Best Mobile Application in New England

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<strong>Framingham, Mass. &mdash; Aug. 18</strong><br />AT&T Inc. announced the launch of Fast-Pitch New England, a mobile application developer competition akin to a high-tech version of “American Idol.” The contest, which started Aug. 18, is designed to promote the local tech community while underscoring AT&T&#39;s commitment to be open to innovation and to offer its customers more choices than any other wireless company.<br /><br />The Grand Prize of Fast-Pitch New England will be $10,000 cash. In addition, the winner will be promoted in-store at all AT&T company-owned retail locations in New England, will receive application placement on the AT&T devCentral Web site and will receive promotional placement on <br /><br />AT&T will also fast-track the winning application for wider distribution consideration on one of AT&T&#39;s mobile download portals, accessible to the company&#39;s 72.9 million wireless customers.<br /><br />”Maximum customer choice is what real openness is all about. AT&T&#39;s customers have long enjoyed the freedom to choose applications from AT&T or from the Web to make the most of their wireless experience. Programs like Fast-Pitch New England help ensure that customers have the best applications at their fingertips,” said Steve Krom, vice president and general manager of AT&T&#39;s wireless operations in New England. “The tech community is thriving here, and we&#39;re pleased to be able bring attention to a talented application development company in the local area.”<br /><br />While AT&T has held a number of national competitions in the past, Fast- Pitch New England is the first locally based mobile application contest in AT&T history. The national version of the Fast-Pitch program has helped AT&T find unique and innovative applications, including Ascendo Fitness, My Local TV News Over Wireless and Mobile Comic Books by uclick. These and many other applications can be found on the AT&T MEdia Mall.<br /><br />Submissions will be accepted Aug. 18 through Sept. 30through AT&T&#39;s Fast-Pitch site. Applications can be submitted in three categories: browsing, messaging or downloads. <br /><br />Three finalists will be announced on Oct. 22, and the finalists will be invited to present their application and business cases to a panel of AT&T leadership, a venture capital firm, a major wireless handset manufacturer and a select group of industry influencers on Nov. 12. Each finalist will be given 15 minutes to “Fast-Pitch” their application. The winning applications will be announced at the end of the event.<br />

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