At RSM International, Senior IT Pros Thrive

As the seventh largest network of independent accounting and consulting firms worldwide, RSM International does it all. The company, which employs more than 30,000 people in over 70 countries, offers services in areas such as audit, business, consulting and risk management to companies in a variety of industries.

As such, RSM employs a veritable army of IT professionals, chiefly in its consulting and risk management practices. These tech professionals can end up working on a broad range of projects, meeting whatever the demands of a particular client may be.

“We break into two groups: risk management services and technical risk management services,” explained Jo Stewart-Rattray, director of information security for the company’s Australia branch, RSM Bird Cameron. “So [we have] technical IT and information security people as well as nontechnical people — people who are more likely to be looking at application reviews or governance.”

RSM Bird Cameron employs roughly 900 people total, with about 10 to 15 in the IT practice. Stewart-Rattray said that number is only growing. Sample IT positions at the firm include those of information security professional, technical risk management professional, systems auditor and governance expert.

Due to the variability of the work, when the company is looking to hire tech professionals, it seeks those with a wide range of skills.

“We’re looking for people oftentimes with a good, solid, broad technical skill base because we’re going to be inserting them into all kinds of different roles,” Stewart-Rattray said. “Sometimes [you find] specialists with…



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