Astaro Web Gateway to Launch at RSA 2008

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<p ><strong>Burlington, Mass. &mdash; March 18</strong><br />Astaro Corp., a provider of integrated security appliances, announced it will launch its second security appliance line, the Astaro Web Gateway at the RSA Conference, at the Moscone Center in San Francisco on April 7-11 (booth 2747).<br /> <br /> The Astaro Web Gateway provides integrated URL filtering, malware detection, instant messaging and peer-to-peer application control, and bandwidth optimization to completely secure and control Web access. Deployed as a hardware or virtualized appliance and managed through a single browser-based graphical user interface (GUI), Astaro Web Gateway provides small and mid-size businesses with a comprehensive solution for securing Web traffic.<br /> <br /> &ldquo;Increased reliance on the Internet to power business operations has left networks vulnerable to the constant intrusion of Web-based threats,&rdquo; said Jan Hichert, CEO of Astaro. &ldquo;In this day and age, every organization that allows access to the Internet needs protection, Astaro now offers customers and resellers the choice between deploying Web security as part of a UTM (Unified Threat Management) solution or as a single dedicated solution, depending on the needs of the network. <br /> <br /> In order to maintain maximum productivity, corporate networks need to eliminate the threats posed by employees&rsquo; Internet use. Astaro Web Gateway enables organizations to limit Internet use for business purposes, protect networks from malicious content and prevent virus and spyware infections. By protecting internal users from inappropriate or illegal Web content, companies are able to enforce compliance and reduce legal risk. Consolidating all of these Web security issues into a single, centrally managed appliance greatly reduces the management burden and cost of security.<br /> <br /> The Astaro Web Gateway focuses on all relevant Web security requirements. URL filtering grants Web access according to user, time settings and policies, which can be based on 60 easy-to-navigate categories, containing more than 20 million sites, with newly discovered Web sites updated daily to maximize coverage. Malware detection is performed by two scan engines, providing fast and accurate detection of viruses, spyware and active content. </p> <p > </p> <p >Application controls manage access and use of instant messaging and peer-to-peer applications, including Skype. Bandwidth optimization manages and prioritizes bandwidth to the most critical business applications. All features are managed through an easy to use, browser-based user interface, similar to that of the Astaro Security Gateway.<br /> <br /><strong> Key Features</strong></p><ul><li><strong> HTTP + FTP scan: </strong>Virus and malware scanning of HTTP and FTP traffic.</li><li><strong> Dual antivirus engine: </strong>Two integrated antivirus engines with extensive virus signature database</li><li><strong> URL filtering: </strong>Granular and policy-based control of Web access.</li><li><strong> IM/P2P application control:</strong> Comprehensive control of IM and Peer-To-Peer connections, including Skype.</li><li><strong> Bandwidth optimization: </strong>Prioritize bandwidth to critical business applications.</li><li><strong> Single browser-based user interface: </strong>Reduced administrative overhead.</li><li><strong> Directory integration:</strong> Integration into e-directory and Active Directory with Single Sign-On.</li><li><strong> Phone home protection: </strong>Prevent hidden &ldquo;phone home&rdquo; communication from spyware infected PCs.</li><li><strong> Active-active cluster with integrated load-balancing:</strong> Instant failover.</li><li><strong> Hardware or virtual appliance: </strong>Maximum deployment flexibility.</li></ul><p > <br /> Astaro Web Gateway will be available in the second quarter of 2008, and pricing starts at $995. Four models make up the Astaro Web Gateway hardware line and can protect from 100 users to more than 2,000 with no per-user licensing.</p>

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