Astaro Security Tech Facilitates Greener Networks

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Burlington, Mass. — Jan. 10
Astaro Corp., a leader in delivering unified threat management (UTM) security appliances, announced that its technology allows customers to remove up to 10 stand-alone products, limiting waste and reducing the electricity required to power network security applications by between 50 to 1000 percent, depending on the number of point products fielded, the size of the solutions and their respective power draw.

With a unified threat management solution such as the Astaro Security Gateway, a company can dramatically reduce its power draw and computer waste through the consolidation of multiple security applications onto a single, unified, hardened platform.

To ensure uptime and continuous operation in the event of a failure, many security installations deploy dual products in a High-Availability or Clustered mode. This practice can double or triple the number of devices drawing power. After a period of one to three years, these network appliances, which are usually ASIC based (purpose-built for the product), must be retired and ultimately discarded since they cannot be reused.

Since Astaro also is available as a software ISO, users are given the added flexibility to deploy their solution on their existing hardware and remove the need to field additional physical appliances. Enterprise managers can also virtualize the Astaro Security Gateway using a preinstalled and preconfigured Astaro Security Gateway image that can run with minimal installation, allowing for all security applications to run on a single, VMware platform. This process results in a green network environment that produces zero additional pollution and waste.

According to Gartner Research, “The need for firewall capabilities within virtual networks within virtualized servers is emerging, yet clear. However, few vendors offer full-featured solutions. Virtual-network firewall solutions need virtual machine (VM) and policy awareness, including integration into VM management tools. Vendors that provide firewall solutions that bridge the physical and virtual world are needed.”

“Astaro is committed to greener networking,” Astaro CEO Jan Hichert said. “The Astaro Security Gateway gives our customers an easy-to-manage and affordable way to create a far greener network environment. Through fully realized virtualization capabilities and tightly integrated network security, users are able greatly reduce the number of appliances they deploy, and as a result, their security applications will be responsible for far less carbon emissions and can greatly limit hardware waste.”

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