Astaro Announces Buy-Back Support

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Burlington, Mass. — Feb. 1
In response to Cisco’s announcement, which quietly delivered notice to the end-of-life of Cisco’s popular Pix appliance line, Astaro Corp., which delivers unified threat management (UTM) security appliances, announced their “Upgrade Your Pix” trade-in program, offering 20 percent off the list price on all Astaro hardware, software and maintenance for three- or five-year agreements with the return of a Cisco Pix firewall appliance.

“Astaro’s ease of use and robust feature set has always made us an effective platform that Cisco Pix users upgraded to,” said Jan Hichert, Astaro CEO. “When companies announce the end-of-life of an appliance line, it essentially means that the product and the technology is now obsolete. Now with users forced to choose a migration path, we want to make sure that Pix users know there is an option available that can increase their protection and save them money versus the ASA path being offered by Cisco.”

The pix line has enjoyed a large install base during the past seven years, and the end-of-life/end-of-sale announcement leaves large numbers of customers and solution providers with a sudden void to fill regarding their network security needs. Astaro Security Gateway, delivering standard features such as unlimited SSL VPN clients and Intrusion Detection/Prevention, provides full network security protection for any network configuration and size.

For more information, a side-by-side comparison of Astaro to the Cisco Pix and Cisco ASA product lines and to take advantage of the “Upgrade Your Pix Trade-in Program,” visit

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