Asking for a Raise: How to Manage Common Salary Situations

Asking for a raise can be one of the most nerve-racking things you can do at work. As motivated as you may be to earn more, you also may fear your supervisor’s reaction: Will you be seen as greedy? Will your boss reject your request? Will there be any negative long-term implications if you’re turned down?

Here are three common challenges you may encounter when seeking a pay increase, along with strategies for managing them appropriately:

You feel too intimidated to ask for a raise.
As much as you believe you deserve to earn more, you just can’t bring yourself to initiate the discussion with your manager, so month after month passes by with no action. To overcome this roadblock, you need to put the situation in perspective. Negotiations go on every day in business, and your boss will not be appalled that you broached the topic. You’re not the first IT professional to seek a raise, and you won’t be the last.

The key is to build your confidence by researching your value in today’s market. Talk to colleagues, friends and others in the industry, and gather the latest salary data. The better you understand what other employers are paying, the easier it will be to make a persuasive case for boosting your pay.

You want a raise, but your employer isn’t doing very well financially.
It’s best to wait until conditions improve. Even if your supervisor is impressed with you and wants to give…



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