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Dear Ed:


I’m a full-time computer security professional with a master’s in CS, and I have more than ten years of working experience in the field. Do you know about any suitable on-line computer security certification training for professionals like myself who work outside the US? Can you recommend any specific programs or credentials that are especially worth investigating further?


Thanks for your help.




Abu Dhabi





Dear Bob:


You’ll find lots of options available for online security certification training. Starting with well-known online universities and education companies like the following:





You can find many institutions that offer degrees and certification training on information security topics online. Given your background and degrees, I assume you might be interested in bolstering your current credentials with at least one security certification.



To that end, you’d probably be best served by pursuing either the ISC-squared’s CISSP, or some of SANS intermediate to advanced credentials, if not other, more specialized and advanced credentials (which I’d urge you to identify and search on for yourself).



Where CISSP is concerned, there is a mixture of pure online offerings and classroom plus online offerings readily available. For example, you may find these worth investigating:


· (online only)


· (online, CD, network)


·  (classroom + online)


· (ISC2 also offers “official” training online)



Where SANS is concerned, much–but not all–of their training is available online, as well as in the classroom at their many conferences. Visit


for more information on what’s offered, costs, calendars, and more.



Good luck in your pursuits. Given your location overseas, I can understand why online is an appealing option for your professional development. But don’t overlook the possibility of a short, intense, focused classroom training experience–such as a bootcamp–that can cover most certs in 5-15 days in the classroom. Even you might be able to fit something like this into your no-doubt busy schedule!






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