‘Ask InternetSafety.com’ Feature Launched in Honor of Internet Safety Month

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Atlanta — June 10
A new “Ask InternetSafety.com” feature launched on the company blog in honor of Internet Safety Month enables parents and other interested parties to submit questions about any aspect of online safety, ranging from Internet predators, pornography and social networking dangers to cyberbullying, “sexting” and typosquatting. Questions submitted at http://blogs.mcafee.com/category/consumer/family-safety will be answered by the InternetSafety.com team. The top questions and answers will be posted anonymously on the blog to help others who have similar concerns.

The company has also assembled a panel of Internet safety experts to support the company’s overall online safety efforts. Panel members include Donna Rice Hughes, president of Enough is Enough and internationally known Internet safety expert and advocate; Dave Ramsey, radio talk show host and online safety advocate; Craig Gross, founder of pornography addiction ministry XXXChurch; Kathy Peel, CEO of Family Manager Coaching; and Sameer Hindjua, founder of www.cyberbullying.us. Panel members and their credentials are listed on the InternetSafety.com site under the “Resources” tab.

The “Ask InternetSafety.com” feature complements the blog recently introduced to provide a central source of information on the latest online safety threats and developments. Every day, blog administrators evaluate as many as 200 articles related to Internet safety issues and then distill the most important news to a few paragraphs several times a week. Recent blog posts have covered topics ranging from the firestorm over easy pornography access on Microsoft’s new Bing search engine to a new study showing a correlation between provocative pictures posted on social networking sites and online solicitations of the girls who post them.

InternetSafety.com also distributes breaking news and news briefs related to online safety through Twitter and Facebook. Users can sign up for Twitter tweets, the company’s Facebook fan page and/or an RSS feed on the “Follow Us” menu on the site’s blog.

In addition, the company is posting an online safety tip every day during Internet Safety Month. On June 1, for example, the tip involved how to limit access to children’s pictures on Facebook. Each tip is available through all of the company’s Web 2.0 channels.

“Our goal is to serve as a central resource for people who are concerned about the less desirable side of the Internet, whether it’s parents trying to protect their children or employers trying to control pornography use at the office,” said InternetSafety.com CEO Forrest Collier. “By helping people stay informed, as well as providing practical suggestions for handling Internet issues, we hope to make a contribution toward keeping the Internet safe for all users.”

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