Asigra Televaulting 8.0 Certified for Use With Parallels Server for Mac

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Toronto — March 11
Asigra Inc., a provider of agentless backup and recovery, announced that Asigra Televaulting 8.0 is certified for use with Parallels Server for Mac. Asigra Televaulting is an agentless information recovery platform optimized for advanced virtualized server data protection, and designed to reduce hardware resources and overhead burden. Certification ensures interoperability with the server virtualization solution for the Mac, Asigra says.

Financial resource constraints and IT efficiency are primary factors driving business adoption of server virtualization. Asigra aims to move the value proposition higher by providing a backup and recovery platform aligned with virtualized server environments. The Asigra Televaulting backup vault software for Parallels installs on one Mac host with Mac OS X, and a single copy of the client software running on Mac OS X is installed at each location targeted for protection. There is no need to install software on any virtualized server (or any physical machine) targeted for backup, Asigra says.

“According to IDC, Parallels is one of the leading server virtualization software vendors,” said Bryan Goode, vice president of business development with Parallels. “The company continues to make significant progress in its goal of optimizing computing for consumers, businesses and service providers. Now that Asigra Televaulting 8.0 is certified to work with Parallels Server for Mac, customers of our product can benefit from agentless backup and recovery for advanced data protection.”

Users have the option of selecting an Asigra-empowered managed service provider or deploying the software directly.

“Asigra’s strategic direction is in line with Parallels’ mission to optimize computing environments, where business automation is central to increasing efficiency and lowering the cost of IT,” said Jas Mann, director of product marketing for Asigra. “Parallels is used to run many virtual servers on a single physical box, and our backup and recovery platform architecture is ideal for these kinds of environments, providing each virtual server with protection against application and data loss. The resulting agent-free efficiency provides unmatched return on investment and business continuance.”

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