Asigra Brings Televaulting Platform

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Toronto — Oct. 27
Asigra Inc., a provider of agentless information recovery management, announced that Asigra Televaulting has been validated for use with data centers leveraging Citrix XenServer. Asigra Televaulting is pro-virtualization backup and recovery optimized for Citrix XenServer environments to mitigate performance, management and cost challenges associated with traditional agent-based solutions.

The Asigra approach to protecting Citrix XenServer virtual server environments offers several advantages over agent-based backup and recovery software. Asigra aims to eliminate the need for software on every virtual and physical machine targeted for backup, reducing management resource requirements, performance drain and cost considerations.

Asigra’s agentless backup and recovery solution for Citrix XenServer is designed to allow virtual server environments to perform without disruption while providing a powerful information recovery platform. The company’s native 64-bit Televaulting platform provides the following:

  • Agentless backup optimized for virtualized server environments, designed to significantly reduce management, CPU and memory requirements.
  • A pro-virtualization capacity-based pricing model.
  • Any-to-any restore capability.
  • Automated mass deployment and single interface management.
  • Compliant VM backup.
  • VM-level and file-level backup/recovery support.
  • Comprehensive enterprise application support.
  • Mixed physical/virtual operating system interoperability.
  • Features including global data de-duplication, CDP, grid-based scalability, intelligent data retention and no-cost datacenter replication.

“Compatibility with leaders in server virtualization underscores our commitment to the industry and to Citrix XenServer customers,” said Eran Farajun, executive vice president for Asigra Inc. “The interoperability ensures best-of-breed data protection and information recoverability without disruption, allowing virtualized servers to deliver on the promise of VM efficiency.”

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