Aruspex Releases Workforce Planning Software

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<p><strong>San Francisco &mdash; Aug. 8 </strong><br />Organizations are increasingly turning to strategic workforce planning, but many don&rsquo;t know where to begin.&nbsp; </p><p>In response, Aruspex has introduced CAPTure, a technology suite that enables companies to analyze internal and external demographic trends, identify future scenarios and workforce gaps and guide human resources professionals to action.<br /><br />CAPTure (Capability, Availability and Productivity of Talent) goes beyond simple workforce forecasting &mdash; it enables customers to weigh the impact of demographics, business strategies, competitors&rsquo; behavior and other factors inside and outside an organization.&nbsp; </p><p>It then identifies potential gaps and guides executives to find the best ways to avert them &ndash; whether by hiring new staff, training existing staff or changing the way work is structured to best suit the available talent pools.<br /><br />The software suite is available from Aruspex, a consulting firm that provides strategic workforce planning solutions. </p><p>It&rsquo;s aimed at C-level executives, corporate strategists and HR executives who realize the need to align workforce planning with business strategy.<br /><br />Using CAPTure&rsquo;s &ldquo;Current State&rdquo; profile feature, organizations can view their current workforce and set staffing priorities based on business strategy. </p><p>Once the profile has been completed, customers can view a &ldquo;No Change Future State,&rdquo; which applies internal trends to the current workforce and checks them against labor force projections for demographic red flags.<br /><br />The real power of CAPTure becomes clear in the &ldquo;Scenario Planning&rdquo; phase. </p><p>Companies can describe as many potential scenarios as they choose, examine the impact of any change in internal and external factors and compare various outcomes. </p><p>The suite automatically allocates demographic trends, internal HR trends, business strategies or other factors that match a select scenario. <br /><br />Finally, comprehensive &ldquo;Action Planning&rdquo; is managed by recommending programs and solutions that offer the best match to the organization&rsquo;s needs. As circumstances change, users can evaluate new possibilities and fine-tune plans.<br /><br />Developed through years of practical experience, CAPTure addresses a growing paralysis to embrace strategic workforce planning, co-founder Stacy Chapman said.<br /><br />&ldquo;Companies have often misunderstood the role, scope and benefits of workforce planning and typically feel reluctant or unqualified to begin,&rdquo; Chapman said. &ldquo;CAPTure gives them the tools and guidance they need to take action.&rdquo;<br /><br />The CAPTure philosophy is rooted in strategic workforce planning, which ensures staff strategies match an organization&rsquo;s business plan, usually looking three to five years into the future.&nbsp; </p><p>Operational workforce planning is limited to staffing requirements for shorter-term goals and objectives.<br /><br />&quot;The world&rsquo;s leading companies are no longer settling for a basic 12-month staffing plan,&rdquo; Tess Walton, Aruspex co-founder, said. &ldquo;Instead, they are seeking a long-term view that incorporates external trends such as workforce aging and that accesses talent pools in a new and strategic way.&rdquo;</p>

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