Arizona Turns to iLinc to Power Online Meetings

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<p><strong>Phoenix &mdash; Aug. 22</strong><br />iLinc Communications Inc., a developer of Web conferencing software and audio conferencing solutions, has announced that the state of Arizona has selected iLinc technology to power its Web conferencing as part of a statewide efficiency initiative.<br /><br />iLinc will be used as the Web conferencing software and audio conferencing solution of choice by the Arizona Department of Health Services, Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System, Arizona Department of Commerce, Arizona Government University, Office of the Governor and Government Information Technology Agency. </p><p>Other state agencies are expected to be added over the next 12 months.<br /><br />”We looked at many solutions, and iLinc simply came out ahead in terms of the technology,” said Chris Cummiskey<br />Arizona chief information officer and director for the Government Information Technology Agency. “We&#39;re really excited about the iLinc Web conferencing solution and how it will, in a very short time, be able to demonstrate productivity and environmental benefits.”<br /><br />The selection comes as part of Arizona&#39;s Efficiency Review Task Force, an executive order issued by Gov. Janet Napolitano early on in her leadership. The </p><p>initiative was created to improve employee productivity and increase efficiencies across all state agencies. </p><p>That order included the establishment of the Efficiency Review Committee, launched in January 2003, whereby Napolitano brought together leaders from major state agencies to implement energy- money- and time-saving measures.<br /><br />”iLinc Web conferencing technology will help state of Arizona&#39;s agencies reduce travel costs, increase lines of communication, improve training &mdash; all while lowering its carbon emissions footprint associated with travel,” said James M. Powers Jr., iLinc president and chief executive<br />officer. “We are very proud to have been chosen by the state to participate in this Efficiency and Green Initiative and contribute to Arizona&#39;s better use of resources.”<br /><br />iLinc has more than 4,000 midsize to enterprise customers in the United States and Europe. It is the only enterprise-class Web conferencing provider that offers a hybrid license model whereby organizations can purchase<br />iLinc&#39;s Web conferencing software in combination with<br />hosting the solution with iLinc. </p><p>Customers own the Web conferencing software providing an unmatched return on investment, yet get all the<br />benefits of the hosted software-as-a-service (SaaS) model.<br /><br />Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS), Arizona&#39;s Medicaid program, designed to deliver quality health care under cutting-edge concepts of managed care recently launched a pilot virtual office program utilizing iLinc, giving employees the ability to connect with others through the internet. </p><p>Early results from the 200 employees using the program have shown reduced absenteeism, facility costs, employee<br />turnover, and fuel consumption and increased productivity.</p><p> AHCCCS expects to increase its virtual office program to include more than 500 employees in the next five years.<br /><br />”This new technology will make it possible to develop and support our employees,” said Rainey Holloway, AHCCCS spokesperson. “This has been one of those &#39;quantum leap&#39; strategies that moved our organization&#39;s cost-effectiveness and capability to a whole new level.”</p>

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