AreTec Launches Wireless Certification Program

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AreTec, a research and development organization dedicated to standards in wireless and convergence, recently inaugurated its global, vendor-neutral training and certification program for wireless and convergence space technologies. The certification exams are available through Prometric in more than 4,000 locations in 141 countries around the world.

The program’s curriculum includes projects on ARM development, Wireless DSP/RF environments, GSM/GPRS/CDMA/CDMA/ 2000/WCDMA/GPSS/Bluetooth/802.11 networking and development. There are three levels within the series: AreTec Certified Wireless Professional (AceWP), AreTec Certified Wireless Developer (AceWD) and AreTec Certified Wireless Expert (AceWE).


The AceWP certification is comprised of five career tracks, each of which lasts 80 hours. More than 50 percent of that time is spent working with hands-on lab projects, company officials said. The tracks are Wireless Applications Development, which encompasses location-based services and J2ME and Java in wireless environments; Wireless DSP, RF and Antennae, which covers analog and digital data communications and multimedia signal processing; Wireless Carriers, which goes over providers, networks, and GPS and satellite communications; Wireless Networking and Security, which addresses security implementation, protocols and architectures; and Wireless Embedded Systems, which includes circuit designs and protocol interfacing.


After completion of the AceWP, participants can go on to advanced programs AceWD and AceWE. Both involve a specialized area of expertise based on one of the five tracks, but the former is primarily a lab practice course, while the latter entails self-study and attendance of seminars, and concludes with written and lab exams.


In addition, there is a fourth certification available, Certified AceWP Instructor (CAI), for those who want to conduct training for the AceWP instructor. This program involves soft skills training in communication and personality development, as well as a presentation on a relevant technical topic.


AreTec recommends prospective candidates study the subjects listed in the “AcePrelims” Curriculum prior to entering the program.


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