Arena Football League Team Kansas City Brigade Tackles Mobile Marketing With PlasMedia Mobile

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<strong>Kansas City, Mo. &mdash; March 18</strong><br />Sports team owners are making a play for excellence by running their drives from the turf to the telephones of tech-usiasts, fans equipped with cell phones and integrated PlasMedia Mobile capabilities. As the number of mobile Internet users edges closer during the next few of years to more than 800 million users, PlasMedia Mobile is punting Kansas City Brigade sponsors and advertisers into hands in the stands.<br /><br />A range of features are designed to drop enthusiasts into the game, from Text-to-Vote for a game&#39;s MVP to Mobile Coupons to increase merchandise sales, season ticket sales and ticket upgrades, even concession ordering and payment right from the comfort of the sidelines.<br /><br />Text trivia/polling/quiz and text-to-screen functionality put advertisers into the arena in front of niche, targeted markets. Worldwide, mobile marketing and advertising are expected to grow to $19 billion by 2011 (ABI), opening the field to advertisers who recognize the tremendous opportunity presented by the promotional pass: connecting with and capturing nearly 90 percent of mobile audience data (AFM Ventures).<br /><br />"Greater accuracy of information about users allows companies to purposefully engage their audience beyond social media such as MySpace to provide relevant, timely contextual information and services in the right time, in the right place," PlasMedia Mobile President Dean Talley said. "The technology expands the customer relationship management (CRM) frontier."<br /><br />According to Talley, "Marketers who take heed of the high-tech, hot read and get the jump on competitors taking on the technology stand to take possession of a highly coveted target market."<br /><br />"Organizations will score in a big way making the push to move the sports enthusiast&#39;s experience to the next level," added Talley. "When continued consumer patronage is the goal, interactive mobile experiences attract closer to 100 percent fan interaction and participation &mdash; the rebound from user participation keeps mobile marketers in play while users are at the game."<br /><br />The strength of PlasMedia Mobile is supported by expansive, out-of-the-box capabilities from the PlasMedia Mobile Engine, so that clients such as Kansas City Brigade can manage their own mobile marketing campaigns independently. Online, real-time results can be viewed in frequency, volume and time graphic displays or exported as simple spreadsheets. All opt-in mobile phone number lists can be simply merged and edited. <br /><br />"Our experience confirms that The Brigade, as well as other sports franchises, have three key consumer contact concepts at the front of their minds: connection, retention and interaction. By integrating our proprietary turn-key software solution, we managed to achieve all of these goals while adding revenue to our clients&#39; bottom line," stated Talley.<br /><br />"To make forward progress, we aggressively go for it. We seek potent, powerful ways to put Brigade patrons up close and personal to the action, and PlasMedia Mobile&#39;s mobile interactivity technology helps us do just that," said Neil Smith, Brigade co-owner and former NFL star. "We could not have thought of a better partner than Plasmedia Mobile to provide this technology to us."<br />

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