Are You Ready to Get Serious About Open Enterprise Server 2?

If you haven’t done anything with Linux yet, the first step in getting serious about Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 is to evaluate your training needs. If you are a current Novell Certified Engineer (NCE), you have been well-trained and seasoned with years of experience installing, configuring, maintaining and troubleshooting NetWare servers.

You know NetWare like the back of your hand and are confident in your ability to keep your NetWare servers up and running — and your employer and users happy. If you haven’t done much with Linux yet, you might not have that same confidence when it comes to Linux servers. The only way to gain that confidence is to begin with a good training program, and Novell Training Services has such a training program on the way.

The Novell Certified Engineer Enterprise Services
At BrainShare 2007, Novell Training Services announced the new NCE certification program. The first certification track to roll out in that program was NCE Enterprise Services. The Enterprise Services track was conceived with current NCEs in mind. This track will bring you up to speed on the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 platform and the services provided in Novell Open Enterprise Server 2.

The Enterprise Services certification track takes your experience managing Novell services on NetWare into account. You already know how eDirectory works and how to keep the tree healthy. You already know what Novell Storage Services is and how to manage storage devices, pools and volumes. You already…



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