Arbita, Affinity Circles Partner to Deliver Service

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<p><strong>Minneapolis &mdash; June 11</strong><br />Arbita, a provider of global job advertising distribution solutions, and Affinity Circles, a trusted social networking platform for membership organizations, have collaborated on a new job posting and media solutions relationship. </p><p>As Arbita continues to expand its global network offerings, employer access is now available to Affinity Circles&#39; growing network of leading academic and professional communities.<br /><br />&rdquo;We&rsquo;re confident that Affinity Circles is onto something that has enormous potential for corporate recruitment and selection,&rdquo; said Don Ramer, Arbita founder and CEO. &ldquo;The evolution of trusted social networks is an important step forward in harnessing the Web&rsquo;s capacity to connect people with one another. We&rsquo;re delighted to contribute to the success of Affinity Circles by making their pioneering media solutions and employment advertising products available to our growing community of recruiters.&rdquo;<br /><br />Today, 65 percent of business professionals use professional and personal social networking Web sites, according to an online social networking survey by the Institute for Corporate Productivity.&nbsp;</p><p>This means that the best candidates are increasingly able to learn about career opportunities without ever visiting a job board. </p><p>The Arbita and Affinity Circles partnership enables employers to harness this trend, and it creates ways for employers to engage the best candidates in the earliest stages of their search process.<br /><br />&quot;Social networks represent a powerful new medium for global recruiting,&rdquo; said Steve Loughlin, Affinity Circles president and chief executive officer. &ldquo;We are proud to partner with Arbita, an innovator in online recruiting solutions, to reach leading employers who are interested in leveraging our exclusive network of academic and professional communities to recruit top talent.&rdquo;</p>

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