Apricorn Releases Aegis Bio

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<p><strong>Poway, Calif. &mdash; June 12</strong><br />Apricorn, a provider of personal storage, has launched the Aegis Bio, a hardware-encrypted biometric hard drive that allows users to securely access their files with a fingerprint biometric sensor. </p><p>Once registered, secure files can be accessed with just a swipe of a finger.<br /><br />Designed for mobile professionals, Apricorn&rsquo;s Aegis Bio incorporates multiple layers of protection:<br /></p><ul><li>Hardware-based Biometric Protection &mdash; UPEK TouchStrip Fingerprint Sensor and Digital ID Hardware Engine.</li><li>Real-time Hardware-based Encryption &mdash; Oxford Semiconductor storage controller IC provides real-time data encryption via 128-bit AES encryption, rendering data on the drive impenetrable even if it is removed from the enclosure.<br /></li><li>Rugged Design &mdash; the bus-powered Aegis Bio features a 16-point omni-directional shock-mounting system that protects the drive from accidental bumps.</li><li>Integrated USB cable for hassle-free connection.</li></ul><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Apricorn&rsquo;s Aegis Bio is cross-platform-compatible. </p><p>Once registered, the Aegis Bio requires no software on the host computer to access your data, allowing access to files on any USB equipped computer. </p><p>In addition to securing your data, the Aegis Bio allows users to login to Windows and password-protected online accounts with a simple swipe of the finger using UPEK&rsquo;s Protector Suite Token software.<br /><br />&ldquo;Not a week goes by without headlines of sensitive data being stolen or lost in public, compromising both companies and individuals&rdquo; said Mike McCandless, Apricorn vice president of sales and marketing. &ldquo;By incorporating the UPEK TouchStrip biometric features and Oxford Semiconductor encryption engine into our popular Aegis hard drives, we&rsquo;ve developed a very dependable, affordable, easy-to-use portable data security solution that can endure the bumps and bruises that accompany life on the road.&rdquo;</p>

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