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Feature Articles


Certification Feature
Equilibrium: Best IT Careers for Work-Life Balance
David Garrett
If you’re like many IT pros, the push-pull between work and life can easily become one-sided. But there are IT jobs out there that lend themselves to a better work-life balance. Learn which careers can lead to having both a job and a life.


Job Roles Feature
IT Infrastructure Managers: Will the Third Wave Energize Companies?
Mark Vorholt

The job role of IT infrastructure manager can become a sort of catchall in many IT departments. Moving into this management position can mean tackling everything from network support to help-desk services, security management and database administration.

Techniques Feature
Getting Ahead with IT Internships
Tegan Jones

Although earning a perfect grade-point average in a respected academic program looks great on a resume, companies need more than a person who can pass tests. Completing IT internships can help grads prove they can apply the academic lessons they’ve learned in a corporate context.




Tech Careers
Web 2.0: You Might Hate the Name but Learn to Love the Technology
Katherine Spencer Lee

Unless you’ve been coding in a cave for the past year or two, chances are you’ve heard at least a little about Web 2.0. But what is it really all about? More specifically, what does it mean for your career?


Consultant’s Corner
If You Build It, They Won’t Come (Unless You Invite Them)

David Garrett
A blog is a living, vital site you can update weekly or even daily. If you use it well, it never gets old. And if you restrict your blog to your field of expertise — database design, network intrusion detection, HVAC systems or Cisco routers — you can write post after post that shows off your knowledge.


Virtual Village
Tales from Academia

Data Stream
News & Notes for Certified Professionals


Poetry Spam

Daniel Margolis
The method behind the madness of gibberish spam.




Sprint Nextel: Calling All Certified Techies
Kellye Whitney

With a staff of about 8,000 full-time, contract and outsourced IT professionals, Sprint Nextel provides many opportunities for techies, from analysts to programmers to project managers. But if you want a job at Sprint Nextel, you have to be smart, and you have to be able to execute.


Inside Certification
Building Your Career Path in Information Security
Ed Zeitler

To have a successful career progression in information security, you now must go beyond technical know-how to gaining management and communications skills, as well as an understanding of policy, processes and personnel.


Specialty Certification
CWNE: Building a Wireless Network Expert
Devin Akin

In the beginning, the Certified Wireless Network Professional (CWNP) program set company direction partly based on knowledge of the certification industry and partly based on business best practices. Now, with overwhelming participation, the program has taken on a life of its own.




Editor’s Letter
The Ant and the Grasshopper
Brian Summerfield

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