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Full-Speed Ahead: The Demand for Security Certification
James R. Wade
As the frequency and variety of cyber-attacks increase, IT professionals skilled in securing systems are in high demand. Here’s a look at what’s driving the need and how to give your security career a boost.



Top Wireless Network Management Tools
Ed Tittel
Organizations are going wireless and need tools to ensure their networks are up to speed. Here are some top tools for monitoring and managing wireless networks.

Network Tools: Avoid the Panic Button: Backup & Recovery
Douglas Mechaber
Who’s got your back? Many businesses’ backup techniques leave a lot to be desired. Verification and planning can help you avoid hitting the panic button when disaster strikes your systems.

Security Tools: Specialized Anti-Virus Software
Douglas Schweitzer
Taking a defense-in-depth approach builds a wall against malware. While most anti-virus tools handle the majority of threats, some situations call for more specialized software.

Tech Tools: RDBMS: Looking Back, Moving Ahead
Emily Hollis
In 1969, the relational model was born, spawning a decade of research that led to relational database management systems. Despite continuing challenges, most large databases still rely on RDBMS.



An Introduction to J2EE
Mark Johnson
J2EE simplifies application development, but it can be hard to get a grasp on this complex technology. This overview breaks it down into components, giving you the information you need to get going.

How to…Do More With Microsoft Small Business Server
Harry Brelsford
Many small businesses are capitalizing on economic recovery to upgrade their technology. This month, we look at steps to implement at CRM system on Small Business Server.

Security: Anticipate Attack and Arm Your Systems
Uday O. Ali Pabrai
What threatens the flow of your critical and sensitive business information? Risk analysis and documentation can help security professionals protect their systems from loss and lawsuit.



CertMag’s EMC StudyGuide



CompTIA Linux+: Open-Source Stepping-Stone
Jeremy Siadal
Following revisions, CompTIA’s Linux+ is designed to certify six to 12 months of experience working with the open-source software. Learn how this certification can get your Linux career off the ground.

HP: ProCurve Networking Certification
Linda Musthaler
As HP’s ProCurve Network solution grows in popularity, so do the credentials that test IT professionals’ knowledge of the product. How can you and your employer benefit from the certification?

7 Steps to a Winning Resume
Katherine Spencer Lee
If you’re on the job hunt, you know that your resume provides the critical foot in the door. We’ve got seven strategies to help you showcase your talents and successes to make an impressive first impression.



The Price of IT Certification Testing
David Foster, Ph.D.

Celebrating a Passion for IT
John A. Venator

Wireless Security and More IT Fun
Brian Summerfield



Editor’s Letter
Tim Sosbe
Getting Involved


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CertMag’s Letters to the Editor

Eye on Certification: Foundation-Level Credentials
Brian Summerfield
In information technology, everyone must start on page one, as a beginner. Luckily, there are plenty of certifications designed to help you gain a foothold in the industry. This month, we look at a few of those options.

Just Say No to Brain Dumps
Kellye Whitney
While it may be tempting to turn to brain dumps and other methods of cheating to earn your certifications, it’s wise to stay on the straight and narrow. Once you’ve got the job, your lack or abundance of knowledge will soon become obvious.

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