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Looking Forward, Looking Back: 15 Years of Certification
Julie Kernan
Remember when there were no certifications to validate your IT skills? We’ll take a 15-year walk down memory lane to witness the ongoing evolution of certification.

Building a Career in Information Security
Ed Tittel
There’s no doubt that security is a high-growth area for IT careers. But how do you get started, and where do you go from there? Before you begin, take a look at our list of credentials, from entry-level to advanced.



Troubleshooting Wireless Networks
Ed Tittel
There are steps to troubleshooting any network—wired or wireless. But wireless networks can pose some unique dilemmas. In this first Tech Tools feature, we help you troubleshoot wireless networks, with 10 top tools to help you with the task.

Network Tools: Disk Defragmenters for Microsoft Servers
Douglas Mechaber
If you aren’t already using a defragmenter on your Microsoft servers, you can improve file access with defragmentation. In this networking tools column, we’ll take a look at some top defragmenters.

Network Security Tools: Patching IT Up
Douglas Schweitzer
With a growing number of software vulnerabilities, managing new patches to secure your systems can be a full-time job. Patch management systems can help you stay ahead of the game.

IP Telephony Tools: Developing IP Telephony Applications
Kevin Brown
IP telephony deployment took hold when companies needed new phone systems, but now enterprises realize the added value of converged technologies. Here are some tools for developing IP telephony applications.



Security: Business Defense—Perimeter to Core
Uday O. Ali Pabrai
Threats are appearing on numerous fronts, from the network to the application layer. With several layers of security technologies, organizations can protect themselves from the perimeter to the core.



Ready, Set—Ace That Certification Exam
Jonathan Thatcher
Effective preparation for your certification exams can help you earn your stripes. You need to know how to make the right choice, but you also need to understand why what’s wrong is wrong. Here are some tips.

The Survivors: Who Made It Through the Recession and Why?
Katherine Spencer Lee
No tech worker is irreplaceable, but some find ways to make themselves invaluable to their organizations. Now that economic trends are looking brighter, we look at who survived the recession and how.

Have a Better Boot-Camp Experience
Ed Tittel
Boot camps provide some of the most intensive training you can find, and going to boot camp can ensure certification success. This month, Ed tells you how to get the greatest rewards for your boot-camp dollars.

Novell Linux Certifications: Boost Your Career
Ptarmi Kilgore
Novell’s been working to solidify its place in the Linux market. This month, we take a look at how Novell is growing its certification options, and helping you grow your career.

Apple Certification: Over-the-Top Benefits for IT Pros
Kirsten Anderson
Apple changed the world with its introduction of the personal computer in the 1970s. Now Apple is changing lives through certification—from the Alaskan coast to the wilderness of the corporate world.



Who Needs Them?
David Foster, Ph.D.

Preparing for the Job-Role Challenges Ahead
John A. Venator

What Does the Future Hold for the IT Learning Industry?
Martin Bean



Editor’s Letter
Tim Sosbe
What’s New?


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CloseUp: Security+: An Entry-Level Heavyweight
Ed Tittel
Interest in CompTIA’s Security+ is growing, and the entry-level certification is emerging as an industry heavyweight. Find out more about this credential and how you can use it to build your certification ladder.

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