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Rating Certifications
Ed Tittel
The question always occurs: What certification is right for me? While only you can make that decision, we’ve got an in-depth certification-ranking system to make your evaluations easier.

IT Certifications: Lessons From Other Industries
Julie Rowe
Certification may be a way of life for IT professionals, but it’s a concept pioneered in other industries. Learning that history lesson can help IT experts properly advance their careers.



CertMag’s Application Development StudyGuide



Electronic Signatures: Using Digital Signatures
Uday O. Ali Pabrai
Electronic signatures enable the trustworthy exchange of information and transactions. Security professionals should be well-versed to best serve their companies.

Inside the Fence: The Boot Camp Experience
Ed Tittel
Intensive training may not be for everyone, but for those who need to get going quickly, boot camps offer an accelerated option. This issue, Ed looks at the major players and offers some tips to make them work for you.

Cisco Rolls Out New Security Career Track
Rick Stiffler
With network security more crucial than ever before, Cisco is upping the ante on its own programs, moving security from a specialization to a full-fledged certification track. Here’s what that’ll mean to your career.



Working the Web: How to Find Projects Online
David Garrett
Looking for work in a troubled economy? Don’t forget that the Web can be a tool for finding work … and for letting work find you.

When Instructors Are Students
Ann Beheler
Just as doctors make the worst patients, teachers can be difficult students. But someone has to train the trainers, and a little patience definitely pays off.

IT Managers Series—Project Management Skills All IT Managers Should Have
Paula Moreira
Whether you’re in IT management or you want to be, project management skills are valuable in more ways than one. This month, Paula helps you put the pieces together.



Accelerate Your Learning With Assessments
Martin Bean

Training and Education Used to Be a Lonely Sport
John A. Venator

Mystery Solved: Where Do Good Questions Come From?
David Foster, Ph.D.



Editor’s Letter
Tim Sosbe
The Certification Experience

Letters to the Editor


CertMag on the Web

10 Top Dos and Don’ts for Your IT Career
Jide Awe
If you think of your career as an orchard, you’ll realize it needs more than sunlight to thrive. These 10 tips can make your professional life fruitful and your income level multiply.

Solving Program Management Problems
Peter Manijak and David Foster, Ph.D.
Ever wonder what effort goes into the certification programs that your career can rely on? This inside look can help certified professionals realize the efforts extended on their behalf.

Certification: Raising Your Stock as an Employee
Michelle Bigham
You already know certification pays, and as CertMag’s Salary Survey showed, Nortel certification pays very well indeed. Here’s an inside look at Nortel’s Voice Over IP credentials.

Can MCAD Help Grow Your Career?
Denny Yost
With recent downturns, is now the right time to invest in a new certification? The Microsoft Certified Application Developer credential may be just what you need.

How to Conquer Workplace Stress
Katherine Spencer Lee
Ever have one of those days when your blood pressure seems to near the boiling point? Learning some solid coping strategies will keep your career frustrations under control.

CloseUp: E-Business and E-Commerce
Ed Tittel
The dot-com bubble may have burst, but there’s still online activity for certified e-biz experts. We’ve got a list of some certifications to help connect you with success.

Certified Expert: Documentation
Ed Tittel
Like the old saying goes, the job isn’t over until the paperwork is finished. Your wise use of documentation on IT projects can help keep your output outstanding.

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