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These questions are based on Microsoft Exam #70-624 − TS: Deploying and Maintaining Vista Client and Office System 2007 Desktops.
Microsoft Self Test Software Practice Test

Objective: Application Compatibility Toolkit.
Sub-objective: Install and configure ACT 5.

Single answer, multiple-choice

You are a desktop engineer for Verigon Corp. The company network consists of Windows XP client computers. The company uses various applications that are developed and customized by internal developers.

You plan to upgrade the client computers on your company network to Windows Vista. Before upgrading all client computers to Windows Vista, you perform a pilot upgrade to Windows Vista on a test computer to enable the developers to test and identify the compatibility and security issues for applications.

Which tool should the developers use to test the custom applications?

  1. Microsoft Application Verifier.
  2. Microsoft Standard User Analyzer.
  3. Application Compatibility Toolkit.
  4. Program Compatibility Assistant.

C. Application Compatibility Toolkit.

The developers should use the Application Compatibility Toolkit. This can be used to test and fix application compatibility issues with Vista. It includes tools that create an application compatibility fix. Once a long-term solution for the issue is in place, you can remove the fix with the Uninstall a Program option in Control Panel.

The developers should not use the Microsoft Standard User Analyzer tool to test the custom applications. The Microsoft Standard User Analyzer tool assists developers in identifying issues that can prevent an application from running successfully. However, this tool only identifies issues related to applications that are prevented from running as a standard user. Before you install the Microsoft Standard User Analyzer tool on a computer, you must install the Microsoft Application Verifier tool.

The developers should not use the Program Compatibility Assistant tool to test the custom applications. This tool automatically detects an older program that has a compatibility problem on a Windows Vista computer. The Program Compatibility Assistant tool also provides a fix for the compatibility problem or provides an option to check for a possible solution.

The developers should not use the Microsoft Application Verifier tool to test the custom applications. This is an older tool used to run several compatibility tests that software developers find useful when designing applications for Windows XP.

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