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These questions are based on 834: IBM Lotus Notes Domino 8 Application Development Foundation Skills
Self Test Software Practice Test

Objective: Application architecture.
Sub-objective: Understand the concept of database replicas.

Single answer, multiple-choice

Which statement is TRUE about replica databases?

  1. Replica databases do not have to share the same replica ID.
  2. The titles of two database replicas can be different and still replicate.
  3. Database replicas cannot contain different documents and be able to replicate.
  4. The replica ID of a database is generated for the database being replicated only after the database has been replicated.

B. The titles of two database replicas can be different and still replicate.

The titles of replica databases do not have to match for successful replication; only their IDs have to match. They do not have to contain the exact same documents to replicate. One of the reasons for replicating is so you can update databases with recently modified documents and documents added since the last time a database was replicated.

Replica databases are databases that share the same replica ID. When a database is first created, the ID for that database is generated automatically. For that ID to match a copy of that database for replication purposes, you must create the copy through File > Replication > New Replica. This will create a replica copy of the database with a matching replica ID.

You can change the title of a database that you have stored locally or a shared database for which you have Manager access. The database title can differ from the database file name. For example, you can have a database with the title “Developer” and its file name could be STSDev.nsf.

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IBM RedBook – Domino Designer 6: A Developer’s Handbook – Chapter 3

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