Apple Adds HyperOffice to iPhone App Store

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<strong>Rockville, Md. &mdash; Aug. 20</strong><br />HyperOffice is now available by download from Apple&#39;s new App Store, putting the business collaboration suite within easy reach of any iPhone user.<br /><br />HyperOffice transforms the iPhone into a tool for mobile business. Users connect to secure corporate e-mail, contacts, calendars, tasks and notes &mdash; and share documents and data without Microsoft Exchange and Sharepoint.<br /><br />The award-winning Web ware makes it easier for owners, employees, clients, partners and suppliers of growing businesses to collaborate, communicate, plan projects, share documents, schedule meetings and tasks, and manage information, anytime &mdash; from work, from home or while traveling.<br /><br />"This is not e-mailing files back and forth as attachments. Instead, you&#39;re managing and sharing documents with online storage, version control, user rights and change notification," said Farzin Arsanjani, president of HyperOffice.<br /><br />HyperOffice enables iPhone users to share group and project calendars with team members and clients who also use Outlook and HyperOffice. Users may also retrieve, share and update address books, projects and tasks, and manage documents with online storage, versioning, user rights and commenting. HyperOffice also provides discussion groups, security and backup, and business-class e-mail without spam and viruses.<br /><br />Plus, if you&#39;re working on a Mac or PC, HyperOffice also offers Web conferencing, Exchange and Sharepoint functionality, Outlook sync, intranet/extranet page and portal builders, time and expense tracking and an online database application.<br />

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