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<p><strong>Indianapolis</strong><br />AOTMP recently unveiled a new career development program dedicated to telecom and IT professionals and implementing industry standards and best practices into enterprise management processes.<br /> <br />AOTMP University offers a structured program for telecom and IT professionals seeking to advance their careers and learn efficiency-boosting and cost-cutting methods for enterprise telecom and IT management. Courses teach AOTMP&rsquo;s best practices for financial and operational management processes in an enterprise telecom environment. </p><p>The program offers a flexible curriculum of online courses and certification programs, providing more than 300 hours of training on topics like telecom fundamentals, VoIP, disaster recovery, auditing, wireless management, project management, vendor management and more. Four levels of recognition may be achieved based on the number of successfully completed credit hours, and include: <br /> </p><ul><li>AOTMP Master Certified Telecom Professional</li><li>AOTMP Platinum Certified Telecom Professional </li><li>AOTMP Gold Certified Telecom Professional </li><li>AOTMP Silver Certified Telecom Professional</li></ul><p> <br />Participants can work with AOTMP to develop a Recommended Education Plan (REP) to determine coursework that best serves individual needs and career objectives. </p><p>The courseware offered through AOTMP University has been developed to support AOTMP standards and best practices and incorporates real-world applications from thousands of telecom end users, representing both large and small companies. <br /> <br />”The quality of education our customers receive through AOTMP University is second to none,” said Tim Lybrook, president and CEO of AOTMP. “Because our courses are developed on AOTMP standards and best practices, participants can be confident they are learning the most current and effective processes for managing a telecom and IT environment. </p><p>”We&rsquo;ve literally worked in thousands of enterprise end user environments, and that hands-on experience coupled with our industry-leading research efforts provides the knowledge and insight telecom and IT professionals can immediately apply to their own environment and start seeing improvement.&rdquo;<br /></p>

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