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Given that this magazine is targeted at IT professionals, you might think that these pages would be the wrong place for an article telling the reader how to break into IT. But, “How do I break into IT?” continues to be the most common question we receive from readers.

People seem to head here when thinking about entering the industry, either to run their case past the regulars on our forums and ask what might be their best cert path or point of entry, or just to read our current articles and archives to get a picture of the industry in general.

So, our January cover story explores this issue in more depth. We don’t focus on how to make the leap into IT in specific industries (that could go on forever and still not address every one). Rather, we present how individuals in other industries can best market themselves to enter IT, as well as discuss what will likely greet a person upon initial entry to IT.

One thing that will most likely not greet anyone on initial entry to IT is a job allowing a lot of telecommuting. Our discussion forums recently saw a new poster ask how to “begin a career in the IT field [working] from home,” and numerous other forum members immediately dismissed the idea as “preposterous.”

Apparently, at least some initial in-office experience is necessary, but more experienced IT pros are now telecommuting in increasing numbers. Our Job Roles feature explores the day-to-day reality of working as a high-level tech remotely. It turns out it’s as convenient as you’d imagine, but it does give your job a leg up on invading other areas of your life.

Daniel Margolis
Senior Editor

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Daniel Margolis


Daniel Margolis is a longtime professional writer and editor. Daniel was managing editor of Certification Magazine from 2006 to 2012.

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