An Overview of the Hitachi Data Systems Certification Program

Now entering its third year of operation, the Hitachi Data Systems Certified Professional Program is designed to validate the skills and knowledge of its customers, personnel and partners in storage architecture, implementation and administration of the company’s products and technology.

IT professionals seek to enhance their skills, differentiate themselves and grow their careers. With the demands placed on IT to support data growth, business continuity and compliance, storage is an area in which IT professionals with the right credentials can be successful.

“It is easy for IT credentials to become too theoretical,” said Nick Howe, vice president of Hitachi Data Systems Academy. “Our goal is that HDS certifications are relevant and directly applicable to real-world jobs in the storage industry. In terms of value to participants, we’re looking to add additional benefits like online communities and access to technology sandboxes for those with advanced HDS certification credentials.”

The Hitachi Data Systems Certification program was rolled out in phases, first reaching a wide audience with foundation-level exams, then developing advanced, role-based exams. After two years, the HDS Academy has put together a robust program with finely tuned certification tracks that target the key roles in storage technology.

There are five certification tracks in place: foundations (HDS Certified Professional), implementation, storage manager, architecture and integration. They are complemented by a sales qualification program.

Hitachi Data Systems is leveraging industry-standard credentials (SNIA), global proctored testing, hands-on performance-based testing and Internet proctored and non-proctored testing.

Participation and Growth

According to Howe, one of…



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