American Management Launches Podcast Series

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<p><strong>New York &mdash; May 23</strong><br />The American Management Association (AMA), a provider of professional development and performance-based learning solutions, is launching a podcast series to deliver the latest management perspectives in a mobile format that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.<br /><br />Produced by AMA&rsquo;s New Media team, the AMA Edgewise Podcast Series will present regular 20-minute programs during which listeners will hear fresh insights from recognized thought leaders across a wide range of business topics. </p><p>The podcasts will be available on AMA&rsquo;s Web site as streaming audio, as well as audio files that can be downloaded to an iPod or other MP3 players.<br /><br />&ldquo;The AMA Edgewise Podcast Series is an innovative way for AMA to use popular technology to bring new perspectives and additional insights and information to our customers to help them achieve their individual and organizational goals,&rdquo; said Pat Leonard, AMA executive vice president for U.S. management education. &ldquo;It&rsquo;s also a creative way to supplement our classroom-based education programs with complementary training tools.&rdquo;</p><p>The AMA Edgewise Podcasts Series will cover a variety of business topics driven by AMACOM authors, AMA research and new AMA seminar programs. </p><p>New episodes will be added to the AMA Web site every week, beginning this month. </p><p>Each show will consist of a short discussion with an expert and will include additional material such as feedback from listeners.<br /><br />The first two programs will feature Harvard Business School Professor Bill George, author of &ldquo;True North: Discover Your Authentic Leadership,&rdquo; who discusses how strong leadership principles ensure long-term success, and Chip Bell, founder of The Chip Bell Group, who discusses the critical role that leaders play in delivering extraordinary customer service. </p><p>Future AMA podcasts will feature Stephen M.R. Covey, Howard Gardner, Jaynie Smith and Kevan Hall, among others.<br /><br />These episodes can be played right off the desktop or can be downloaded one at a time or by subscribing to the entire AMA Edgewise Podcast Series. </p><p>By subscribing to the series, all new shows will be automatically downloaded to the computer as they are published. And if the listener has an MP3 player, the next time he or she &ldquo;syncs&rdquo; the device with his or her computer, the audio program will be available to download for listening on the go.</p>

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