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New York — Aug. 22
Enspire Learning and the American Management Association (AMA) will integrate Enspire’s simulations into a new seminar being offered by AMA.

“AMA’s Business Acumen Challenge: A Simulation Experience for Leaders” combines the latest simulation technology with proven management practices to help leaders understand the complexities and interdependencies of running an organization.

During this highly interactive seminar, participants are divided into teams and assigned functional roles within a fictitious organization with a fixed set of resources.

Each team is then given tasks to accomplish, and participants must react quickly and effectively to the situations and scenarios generated by the computer.

Throughout the simulation activity, participants experience, in real time, how specific departmental strategies and tactics contribute to the success or failure of an enterprise.

It also illustrates how individual behaviors and decisions affect their own department, as well as others throughout the organization.

“Enspire’s simulations create a powerful learning experience that hones business acumen and leadership skills,” Enspire CEO Bjorn Billhardt said. “Combining our simulation development expertise with AMA’s expertise in seminar design and delivery will provide a powerful way to teach business acumen and give organizations a new way to accelerate talent development.”

The key anchors and learning objectives of “AMA’s Business Acumen Challenge” are business strategy, cross-functional communication, team effectiveness and resource management.

Participants will benefit from the learn-by-doing simulation experience and from the debriefing sessions led by AMA facilitators, who will challenge participants to analyze their experiences and draw parallels to the real world.

AMA chose Enspire Learning to leverage the potential of technology-enabled simulations and create an effective seminar that combines experiential learning and the impact of AMA’s experience delivering seminars.

“Enspire’s simulations are unique in the simulation marketplace,” said Pat Leonard, AMA executive vice president for U.S. management education. “Teams must not only develop but also execute their strategy in a high-pressure environment. Each individual has a particular role and specific tasks that must be completed, so all participants are actively involved in their company’s success. This active involvement is a powerful way to achieve the desired learning objectives.”

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