Amendments to Federal Rules of Civil Procedures Require New E-Mail Management Systems

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<strong>Pittsburgh &mdash; May 6</strong><br />New amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedures (court procedures for civil suits) are leading more companies to re-evaluate their current e-mail management and archiving systems and find e-discovery software that allows for quick searching and retrieval of electronically stored information (ESI) in response to litigation and discovery requests. <br /><br />The new amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedures, as well as other regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley, require companies to have an understanding of the breadth and depth of their information stores and establish preservation policies, archive locations, search methods and deletion procedures to properly manage the life cycle of information in the eyes of the government and courts. <br /><br />Sherpa Software&#39;s award-winning Lotus Notes products are specifically designed to provide extensive email management, archiving, content filtering, policy enforcement and database administration capabilities to companies addressing issues relating to legal and regulatory compliance requirements, storage management and e-discovery (electronically stored information which could be relevant evidence in a lawsuit) within IBM Lotus Domino. <br /><br />Sherpa Software&#39;s Attender Utilities for Lotus Notes include: <br /><br /><ul><li><strong>Mail Attender, </strong>a comprehensive email management tool that provides central control over e-mail content, allowing you to archive information, manage archive databases, address compliance requirements, implement retention/deletion polices, search content and enforce quotas.</li><li><strong>Discovery Attender,</strong> a search and discovery tool that automates investigative tasks in Domino server databases (.NSF files), instant message logs and common file storage areas (.doc, .xls, .pdf).</li><li><strong>Database Attender,</strong> a database management and archiving tool that gathers information about the Notes infrastructure and provides proactive control over ACL settings, content, database usage/growth and database deployment management.</li><li><strong>File Attender,</strong> a Lotus Notes-based file management and archiving product that manages the files on a user&#39;s hard drive or on a Domino server. This includes files on any random access storage that the user/server can address. </li></ul>

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