Alucid Announces Usabilty Oberservation System

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<p><strong>Baton Rouge, La. &mdash; May 4</strong><br />Alucid Solution Inc. announces its patent-pending UX Digital Observation System. </p><p>Alucid&#39;s 20 years of experience in designing usability lab systems has provided a state-of-the-art design while integrating the latest technology, including UX Digital Studio, the complete user experience Connect, Capture and CollaborateSM Software.</p>UX Digital Observation System includes:<ul><li>Facility design.</li><li>Hardware integration base on customers specific needs.</li><li>Preset study configurations.</li><li>UX Digital Studio, the complete user experience connect, capture and collaborate software.</li></ul><p>UX Remote Study is an Internet-based application that allows usability researchers or other users to access and view activities during a study. </p><p>The application allows remote viewers &mdash; those who are not physically located within the study environment &mdash; to log into a &quot;Live&quot; session to simultaneously watch camera views of the study participant, the participant&#39;s computer<br />screen, listen to audio feed from the participant and to &quot;chat&quot; online with other observers.&nbsp; </p><p>Without this software, researchers and clients must be<br />physically located within the study environment (usability lab observation room) to view the study. </p><p>UX Remote Study allows for the study to be viewed and logged from a remote location other than where the study is taking place. Transmission of camera images and voice audio are handled through voice-over Internet protocol (VoIP) technology.<br /><br />UsabilityWare is a software application that provides means to record and log events during usability testing. </p><p>The system integrates high-definition (HD)<br />hard disk recording in &quot;real time&quot; for up to three input signal (camera views and participant screen capture) and allows for the immediate retrieval of media and text assets. </p><p>The application provides live streaming for remote<br />viewing and testing with instant playback and editing of media files.<br /><br />UX Study Portal is the gateway application used to access and share all usability study materials (study sessions, logging files, documents, images, etc.) among usability team members and stakeholders.&nbsp; </p><p>Using UX Study Portal, teams can share project planning documents, surveys and moderator guides, as well as the complete data set collected by Alucid Solution&#39;s<br />software, UsabilityWare. </p><p>Users can access and view video files from a session (up to three simultaneous views, including camera views and<br />participant screen capture).</p><p>The document management feature allows for the transfer of session documents from the observation room computer to the media server, which multiple users may then access. </p><p>The portal video viewing application loads all<br />logging data associated with a session, giving the user complete control to automatically jump among tasks, sessions and even error categories within the videos stored on the portal.&nbsp; </p><p>UX Study Portal helps contribute to a team&#39;s efficiency and organization- especially for distributed work groups and clients.<br /><br />&quot;Alucid has always prided itself on providing the latest in technology and esign in usability systems, having served Fortune 500 customers with our products for 20 years,&quot; said Reed Johnson, chief technology officer. &quot;UX Digital Observation System reinforces our commitment in providing the latest technology in user experience systems.&quot;</p>

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