Alternative Tech Careers Safer From Outsourcing

In a troubled economy, the career-savvy IT person likely is asking himself, “Is my job safe?”

As organizations seek out immediate ways to cut costs, the likelihood a company would consider offshore outsourcing increases, and tech careers often are the first to go.

However, almost every industry has a need for computers. IT pros willing to branch out and consider career opportunities not specifically in the technology industry might benefit.

Janice Weinberg, author of Debugging Your Information Technology Career and owner of career consulting firm Career Solutions, said the insurance industry, for instance, offers many types of products and services IT people can promote or work with in some capacity.

“Professional liability coverage, errors and omissions, and directors and officers coverage — this is the type of coverage that would be appropriate for software developers, system integrators, consultants, Web site developers, etc.,” Weinberg said. “Right now, approximately 50 percent of these businesses have this type of coverage. However, increasingly, their customers are requiring them to have it because there have been many instances of software malpractice and companies not being satisfied with what they received as opposed to what they thought they were getting.”

And that’s just one insurance-product category of interest to the IT pro. Any company that has a technology infrastructure and network likely will have a cyberliability insurance policy to protect it against network intrusions, employee negligence and theft of company or customer data.

Weinberg said there are two tech positions in particular…



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