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<strong>Salt Lake City &mdash; Sept. 27</strong><br />Allen Communication Learning Services further strengthens their reputation as a leader in innovative learning by winning a coveted Brandon Hall Silver Award for excellence in the Best Custom Content category.  <br /><br />Allen was recognized during a ceremony and reception Sept. 25 in Santa Clara, Calif., as part of the 2007 Innovations in Learning Conference. <br /><br />The winners are listed at <br /><br />Allen submitted to the Best Custom Content category a self-paced online course for health care employees and patients. The course taught learners (health care providers, patients and researchers) how to use and navigate a crucial database: the HCUP database. <br /><br />The ease of navigation and interactivity, and the hip, fresh look of the course elevates it beyond typical healthcare training.<br /><br />The criteria were based on seven areas of interest: usability, applicable information, supporting media, interactivity, practice sessions aligning with lessons learned, engagement, and the overall impression of the course. <br /><br />Another requirement to win the award dictated that the courseware be at least 50 percent custom, which didn&rsquo;t present an issue for Allen because all courses designed are 100 percent custom.<br /><br />The Brandon Hall Excellence in Learning Awards are presented annually by Brandon Hall Research, one of the leading research firms in training and development. <br /><br />Now in its 13th year, the awards program showcases exceptional work in the use of learning technology. <br /><br />&ldquo;We&rsquo;re honored to receive this recognition from Brandon Hall. It helps us measure how effectively we&rsquo;re helping our clients meet their learners at their needs,&rdquo; said Ron Zamir, Allen CEO. <br /><br />In accepting the award, he said, &ldquo;The award shows us instructional design is not only still highly valued, but that it&rsquo;s alive and well in Salt Lake City, Utah.&rdquo;

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