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<p><strong>Salt Lake City &mdash; Aug. 28</strong><br />Allen Communication Learning Services announces the release of its recent findings on needs assessments trending. </p><p>Allen&rsquo;s data show 67 percent of all its $500,000-plus projects spanning fiscal year 2006 and into 2007 have included a vital needs assessment component. </p><p>With the rise of rapid e-learning projects and the prevalence of blended training solutions, Allen has undertaken a new study to analyze typical mishaps and failures in training projects.<br /><br />Allen&rsquo;s data demonstrate that although the market demands projects to be completed faster and more simply, the confusion around what type of modality to use for training (i.e. Web, instructor-led or a blend) is now more confusing then ever. </p><p>According to the company&rsquo;s research, traditional requests for proposals (RFP) rely too much on vendor assumptions with regard to levels of repurposing content and technology, content and training management and interactivity. </p><p>As a result, organizations pay a heavy price in cost overruns and missed timelines.<br /><br />In launching its rapid needs-analysis service, Allen&rsquo;s goal is to help alleviate these unnecessary expenditures by helping companies discover their actual level needs based on their objectives, existing budgets and timelines. <br /><br />Based on trends of the company&rsquo;s recent large projects, Allen studied the market&rsquo;s move toward making needs assessments a standard process for large, mission-critical projects. </p><p>The findings show organizations generally realize close to 30 percent in time and money savings when implementing a formal needs assessment. </p><p>Because it understands smaller projects typically cannot support the cost of a traditional needs assessment, Allen has launched a rapid needs-assessment offering. </p><p>The service will dovetail Allen&rsquo;s existing needs assessment services. <br /><br />&ldquo;In a maturing industry, we need to move beyond excuses of scope creep and mismanaged expectations,&rdquo; CEO Ron Zamir said. &ldquo;Adopting a prudent approach to projects large and small will save our clients heartache, money and valuable time. We&rsquo;re committed to helping our customers maximize every dollar by ensuring projects are on target from Day 1.&rdquo; <br /><br />In conjunction with the launch of its rapid needs-assessment offering, Allen has released a white paper on the &ldquo;ANSWER Analysis,&rdquo; a method Allen has developed specifically for rapid needs analyses. </p><p>An acronym for audience, needs, successes, weaknesses, existing content and expertise and return on investment, ANSWER covers key assessment areas to consider for highly effective training solutions.</p>

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