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<p><strong>Salt Lake City &mdash; June&nbsp; 1 </strong><br />Allen Communication Learning Services has completed two large projects for major global financial institutions. </p><p>Although both projects were for financial companies, each addressed a different area of human performance: new-hire orientation and compliance. <br /><br />In the employee-orientation project, Allen&rsquo;s client faced training up to 6,000 tellers a year. </p><p>Lowering turnaround became a serious investment. After a thorough needs assessment, Allen recommended focusing the content on the customer experience and the teller role in providing service excellence. </p><p>Allen coupled this approach with its latest proprietary internal authoring technologies (XML and Flash) to reduce maintenance costs, improve the courseware&rsquo;s performance, increase its shelf life and provide for training customization for merger and new markets, including the flexibility to deliver in additional languages.<br /><br />The second project invloved compliance, and it helped the other client during a process of major organizational change. </p><p>Key issues of the project revolved around keeping employees informed and trained on the latest changes to business processes and functions. </p><p>Having partnered with the client for many years, Allen was able to build on the original assessment and attendant courseware. </p><p>As a result, Allen&rsquo;s media-rich courseware solution maintained consistency by incorporating a similar theme as the earlier courseware, including a variety of custom Flash activities and Flash templates. </p><p>The courses help the client achieve its main objectives: Help employees understand and buy in to the company&rsquo;s latest changes and initiatives; explain at a high level core processes of the company&rsquo;s operations; and help employees understand and apply rules, regulations and specifications of business practices to real-life situations. <br /><br />&ldquo;We&rsquo;re pleased to have helped our clients in these projects,&rdquo; said Ron Zamir, Allen Communication Learning Services CEO. &ldquo;Even though both companies were financial, they faced two very different challenges typical of large, global financial institutions. </p><p>&quot;Unlike our production driven peers in the industry, Allen has remained true to its instructional design focus. The success of each of our projects can be tied directly to a thorough needs assessment that not only drives the project&rsquo;s success but also helps control budget and scope to suit our clients&rsquo; needs.&rdquo;</p>

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