Allegiance Announces New Ethics Training and Code of Conduct Services

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<strong>Salt Lake City &mdash; March 12</strong><br />Allegiance Inc., a provider of enterprise feedback management (EFM) solutions, introduced its new Ethics Training Suite, a collection of services that helps organizations educate their employees on a variety of ethics-related issues, including detecting and preventing fraud, preventing sexual harassment, raising and resolving ethical issues and code of conduct writing and design. The Allegiance Ethics Training Suite was developed with guidance from leading CEOs, general counsels, ethics officers and HR executives to meet legal requirements through effective ethics programs. <br /> <br />This new combination of the Allegiance Ethics Training Suite and Allegiance&rsquo;s SilentWhistle, a Web- and phone-based ethics reporting system, helps organizations to mitigate risks, reduce fraud and litigation, and establish an ethical culture. The Allegiance training is delivered through a fully customizable, Web-based system that allows employees to learn at their own pace and within their companies&rsquo; online environments. The suite of services includes a robust online ethics-training library, computer-based training modules and code of conduct development. <br /> <br />Although the courses can be taken one at a time, the new system is designed as a multi-year ethics training program ensuring that employees&rsquo; ethical decision-making skills continue to improve over time. Each year, a new ethics course targeted to all employees is presented. The new course focuses on a different aspect of ethics training and builds upon what was previously learned, while the prior year&rsquo;s courses are available for new hires. The content is also available in multiple languages and subtitles for international employees and does not require a desktop client or demand extensive bandwidth. <br /> <br />&ldquo;We customize our comprehensive ethics training programs to reflect a company&rsquo;s specific policies, culture and workplace issues,&rdquo; said Greg Heaps, chief operating officer for Allegiance. &ldquo;Our business ethics training and communication methodology engage employees, change behavior, create ethical culture and help companies meet Sarbanes-Oxley and U.S. Federal Sentencing Guidelines requirements.&rdquo; <br /> <br />The Allegiance ethics training works within a learning management system (LMS), which allows administrators to send automatic e-mail reminders and track employee training, from those who have taken the course to those who have passed the post-training assessment. Following the courses, certificates of completion can be printed and employees are invited to complete post-training surveys to help evaluate the training for future customization.<br /> <br />Heaps continued, &ldquo;Adding ethics training is a natural evolution of our suite of ethics reporting solutions and services. We started with our SilentWhistle Web-based system, added the leading phone-based ethics hotline service and now offer best-of-breed ethics training. No other company can offer businesses the depth of ethics-related solutions and services that will help them meet today&rsquo;s ethics and compliance standards, guidelines and needs.&rdquo; <br /> <br />The Allegiance Ethics Training Suite is managed by Allegiance Professional Services, which is comprised of a specialized team of experts in ethics and corporate compliance, codes of conduct, internal audit programs, compliance review and labor and employment law.<br />

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