Affordable Real-Time Mirroring, Synchronization

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<p><strong>Calcutta, India &mdash; Dec. 20</strong><br />Techsoft has released MirrorFolder v. 4.1, an affordable real-time mirroring and synchronization application that backs up files from a local Windows drive to any local, removable or network drive. Create mirrors for important folders or for your entire drive. MirrorFolder can perform real-time mirroring or automatic synchronization of drives.<br /><br />In RAID-1 mode, MirrorFolder creates a real-time, bootable backup of your hard drive on another local drive. If your main hard drive fails, the backup drive is an up-to-date, bootable replacement. MirrorFolder even works on nonserver versions of Windows, including XP and Vista.<br /><br />RAID-1 capabilities are generally available only in software costing many times the price of MirrorFolder. Unlike other RAID-1 applications, which operate at the disk sector level, MirrorFolder performs RAID-1 mirroring at the file system level. There are many advantages to MirrorFolder&#39;s approach. MirrorFolder&#39;s processing is independent of the device type and file system type, allowing you to mirror files onto any type of drive. Also, MirrorFolder doesn&#39;t replicate file system errors on the mirror device, as sector-based RAID-1 solutions do.<br /><br />It&#39;s easy to create off-site backups for your data, to protect your business from theft, fire and vandalism. MirrorFolder lets you automatically back up important working folders onto USB flash drives and other removable media. You can archive older versions of key files in a series of ZIP files to create a library of changes made to important files and folders.<br /><br />MirrorFolder can synchronize files between laptops and desktops. Before your business trip, you can use the program&#39;s bidirectional synchronization function to make sure you&#39;re carrying the latest information on your laptop. When you return to your office, the program will update your desktop with any files that were changed on your business trip. Using an inexpensive USB flash drive, you can synchronize your home and office computers in minutes.<br /><br />MirrorFolder can be installed on each workstation to mirror key folders to any of the network&#39;s servers. The program will keep mirrors on the server synchronized with their source folders on each computer, automatically. This makes the network administrator&#39;s job easier and saves time because each user&#39;s important folders are backed up in real time, with no additional human effort. By setting up the proper permissions and passwords, you can even perform server-to-server mirroring.<br /><br />Whether you&#39;re a network administrator who needs to perform RAID-1 mirroring on nonserver machines running XP or Vista, a salesperson who has to keep a laptop and desktop synchronized, or an entrepreneur who needs to ensure that critical files are backed up regularly, MirrorFolder has the tools that you need.<br /><br />MirrorFolder v. 4.1 runs under Windows 95/98/Me/NT4/2000/XP/2003/Vista and may be purchased securely online on Discounted multiuser licenses are available. You can download a free 30-day trial version of MirrorFolder from the same Web address. </p>

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