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<p><strong>Fairfield, Calif. &mdash; Sept. 20</strong><br />OOPSystems has released BizOS, a business management application that includes a great deal the enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) power.</p><p>For businesses with up to three knowledge workers who need access to BizOS&#39; integrated databases and software, BizOS is available without charge.<br /><br />As businesses grow, their data processing moves from manual paper systems to spreadsheets to piecemeal business software. </p><p>Successful businesses demand an integrated way of managing sales, procurement, product management, logistics, accounting, operations management, information management and project management. </p><p>BizOS provides a simple way for startup businesses to get &mdash; and stay &mdash; on the right track.<br /><br />Small companies can use BizOS and manage all their business information from a single application. Startups can select only those business functions that they need and add new functionality as they expand. </p><p>No matter how quickly the company grows, or how large it becomes, BizOS makes it easy to manage the information, processes and finances throughout the enterprise.<br /><br />BizOS includes all of the functions that you would expect to find in a professional business management application. </p><p>The sales module handles pipeline and lead management, order processing and CRM, with a complete history of all customer interactions. </p><p>The procurement module performs supplier qualification and management, order processing, quality and issues management, and it includes details about all interactions with suppliers.<br /><br />The product management module lets you manage products and bundles, produce a bill of materials, track pricing history and process multiple suppliers for each product, including different product IDs and descriptions. </p><p>The logistics module manages warehousing, inventory, shipping, receiving and internal goods handling.<br /><br />The accounting module lets you process an unlimited number of accounts and ledgers, and it includes receivables and payables. It performs cash flow management, currency management, budgeting, and project accounting. </p><p>The operations management module makes it easy to perform human resource management, asset and facilities management, document archiving and communications.<br /><br />The information management module handles contacts, notes, and calendars, and it lets you share information securely throughout the enterprise. </p><p>The project management module makes budgeting and forecasting manageable. You can track jobs, tasks, issues and resources across the corporation. </p><p>All of these functions and databases are fully integrated and intuitively presented to managers in every department.</p>

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