Advice for Upwardly Mobile Techies

Information technology professionals who are preparing for the long climb up the slippery slope of corporate advancement should get a college degree, bolster their interpersonal skills and develop an understanding of various business processes, according to the head of an organization that matches some of the top IT talent in the country with high-level tech positions in Fortune 500 companies.

“We’re looking for a more well-rounded individual in technology these days, not someone who just knows technology and doesn’t understand their business user,” said Rona Davis, president and founder of R.W. Davis & Co. “It’s no longer enough to just be a technical specialist at the higher levels. You have to be very knowledgeable about the business applications and understand the business to which your software hardware skills are being put.”

Davis, who has more than 20 years of experience with finding IT professionals to meet the needs of business, established R.W. Davis & Co. to conduct personnel searches to fill management-level IT jobs or high-level unique technology positions at some of the largest firms in the United States. Her company recently rolled out the Interim CIO initiative, designed to help startup businesses or organizations undergoing major transitions in structure, budget or objectives find qualified individuals to assume the CIO role in the short term.

The advice Davis recently offered CertMag EXTRA readers demonstrates that this isn’t your daddy’s (or mother’s, as the case may be) IT industry. For example, she said the current emphasis on…



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