AdventNet Adds Security Auditing Capability Into Network Change and Configuration Management Solution

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Pleasanton, Calif. — Feb. 27
AdventNet Inc., a provider of affordable enterprise it management and IT security software announced the availability of an update (Build# 5020) to ManageEngine DeviceExpert 5. In this release, AdventNet has added the provision to generate security audit reports for network devices to identify and depict any security-related issues.

ManageEngine DeviceExpert enables IT administrators to efficiently manage the configurations of network devices such as switches, routers, firewalls from multiple vendors through a single, central GUI. It helps in tracking configuration changes in real time, preventing unauthorized changes, automating all configuration tasks and ensuring devices in the network stay properly configured.

With network security threats on the rise by the day, it is imperative that your network devices are well-protected to enable business continuity. Periodic tracking and parsing of device configurations to extract security-related information is one way to identify potential security threats. Good visibility into the security specifications of the device can enable quick remedial action. However, manual procedures to parse, extract and understand security information from device configurations are tedious and inefficient and do not yield the desired clarity. With such challenges in front of them, network administrators and IT managers face a daunting task and are always on the lookout for easier and efficient ways to audit security information to protect their network devices.

This release of DeviceExpert, by way of its security audit reports, automates the process of parsing device configurations and provides in-depth visibility into the security posture of a device, which is the key to mitigating risks emerging out of security threats. Security audit reports can be generated on-demand at any time and even periodically with the latest configuration changes. This facilitates IT managers in making well-informed business decisions.

Some of the key security aspects captured in this security audit report include:

  • Potential software vulnerabilities with CVE & Bugtraq reference, which helps keep the software patched or upgraded to the latest version.
  • Weak or dictionary-based passwords or keys that prevent attackers from gaining access to the device.
  • A view of the ACLs to depict if their respective ACEs are sufficiently restrictive or not, which prevents devices from being compromised.
  • Interfaces list with complete information.
  • SNMP protocol version information and vulnerabilities for other such services.
  • Firewall rules and info on any unauthorized traffic getting past.

“I really enjoy having a system that is easy to use and automated. I have set the backups/change notification to run, and I get an e-mail every morning telling everything is good, and if something is changed,” said Steve Roman, lead technologist infrastructure/project manager of Kelly Blue Book Co. Inc., an automobile dealership company. “ManageEngine DeviceExpert's comprehensive auditing and reporting feature tells me what is changed and who made the change,” he added.

“Security Auditing of device configurations plays a significant role in determining the network security status and helps safeguard corporate data,” said T. Subramanian, product manager of DeviceExpert. “The impact analysis and security recommendations in these reports impart knowledge of what is going on and what calls for immediate attention, so that network administrators can take action and ensure complete security. Security auditing also complements the network compliance reporting capability already present in DeviceExpert 5.0, in ensuring that the device configuration is both standard compliant and secure,” he added.

Availability and Pricing
The latest release of DeviceExpert can be downloaded directly from the Web site. DeviceExpert offers a 30-day evaluation license of the Professional Edition. A permanent Free Edition is also available for small businesses. The annual subscription price for the Professional Edition starts at $795 for managing 25 devices, and it can be licensed for unlimited systems. 

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