Advanced Media Announces Ridata 2.5" IDE Ultra-S Drive

Diamond Bar, Calif. — Feb. 11
Advanced Media Inc. is the manufacturer and marketer of the popular Ridata brand of recordable CD and DVD media, electronic storage products and digital media accessories. The company announced another addition to its award-winning Ridata solid state drive (SSD) product lineup. The Ridata 2.5″ IDE Ultra-S is available in a 32 GB capacity in late February — a 64 GB version will be available at the end of this quarter.

“We are pleased to be among the first to provide the industrial marketplace a solid state drive alternative to hard disk drives. The rugged characteristics of SSD drives offer a host of benefits over traditional hard disk drives. Cool and silent running, fast data-access times, dependability and resistance to harsh environments make SSD drives a serious contender for eventually replacing hard disc drives,” remarked Harvey Liu, Advanced Media president.

The Ridata 2.5″ Ultra-S IDE SSD drive is a solid-state flash disk, based on NAND Flash technology. It has no moving parts, which allows it to be virtually silent, run cooler and use less power than a traditional hard disk drive. Using single level-chip (SLC) technology, the Ridata SSD drive provides consistent performance in a variety of harsh environments using extremely low-power consumption compared to traditional hard disk drives.


The new drive offers a sustained read speed of up to 50 MB per second and a sustained write speed of up to 45MB per second. It supports the industry-standard IDE (ATA) Protocol…



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