Adobe Acrobat 9 Security Is Worse Than Ever, ElcomSoft Says

<strong>Moscow &mdash; Nov. 26</strong><br />ElcomSoft Co. Ltd. announced the availability of an updated version of Advanced PDF Password Recovery 5.0, a product to unlock password-protected PDF files created by Adobe Acrobat and compatible products. The new version supports the new Adobe Acrobat 9 format, offering a hundred times increase in password-recovery speed for the new format thanks to a security weakness discovered by the company in Adobe Acrobat 9. <br /><br />ElcomSoft, the company that discovered a security weakness in Adobe&#39;s e-book software back in 2001, has found vulnerability in another Adobe product. While Adobe advertises Acrobat 9 as the most secure PDF production tool ever with enhanced 256-bit encryption, ElcomSoft has discovered that the new PDF protection system implemented in Acrobat 9 is even faster to recover than in previous versions. In fact, a hundred times faster. <br /><br />"The new version of Adobe Acrobat is easier to break," claimed ElcomSoft CEO Vladimir Katalov, quoting a speed increase of two orders of magnitude for the new format. "Passwords of 8 symbols or less are no longer secure," he added. According to ElcomSoft&#39;s CEO, using 256-bit AES encryption per se is not enough to achieve ultimate security without employing complex approach and consideration of the entire security system. <br /><br />Advanced PDF Password Recovery guarantees the recovery of 40-bit encryption in a matter of minutes by searching for the encryption key instead of attempting to guess the password. The product provides a number of advanced methods to recover password-protected documents…



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